Across the manufacturing sector, Industry 4.0 early adopters are feeling the positive benefits of new tech. 

From better products, services and happier customers, to improved processes and new found efficiency, the benefits can be significant.

Many of those leading the charge will admit that it’s not always been easy going, but lessons they’ve learnt from their transformations have been hugely beneficial.

Now, Industry 4.0 pioneers are opening the doors to their factories and are ready to share their stories of success and overcoming challenges, along with the wealth of knowledge they’ve picked up on the journey.

Our hosts will welcome you to their facilities and take you on a guided tour of their factory floor. They’ll give you a broad overview of their business and headline objectives, before focusing upon the bits of tech and connected processes that have had the biggest impact. 

You’ll get the opportunity to ask all of your burning questions, as well as connecting with other visiting manufacturers who are also navigating similar things as you.

By seeing the advanced hardware and software at work, and having heard from the leaders championing the Industry 4.0 revolution, you’ll head home feeling inspired and ready to take your next steps.

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Benefits to your business

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See it in action

Witness the latest, high tech Industry 4.0 systems and processes at work.

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Learn from your peers

Find out how other manufacturing businesses have benefitted from new connected tech.

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Find new inspiration

Head home feeling inspired, ready to introduce new ideas into your business.

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Build connections

Networking with other leaders from across the manufacturing sector.

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What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 - also referred to as the fourth Industrial Revolution - is a broad term for the new technologies and data - such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence -  that are revolutionising the worlds of manufacturing and distribution. Callaghan Innovation’s experts are here to help you cut through the technology hype, reinvent your business model and find genuine value and growth.

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Is this right for me?

Network Site Visits are anyone wanting to gain a first-hand and in-depth understanding of the latest technologies available for their business. 

They will be of most value to CEOs, digital technology and operations managers, design engineers and continuous improvement managers.

We’d encourage you to explore the agenda for each tour before booking, so that you can choose one that’s the most relevant to your business.

NOTE: the host of each session may politely decline guests that they see themselves in competition with. In these cases we’ll work to organise another suitable visit with the guest.


Using the assessment that each hosting organisation will have already undertaken, our team will work with the host to build a bespoke agenda for the day.

After a brief health and safety introduction, the hosts will show you around the facility, highlighting the technologies and processes that have had a positive impact on their business.

They’ll discuss the thought processes behind their systems and processes, and highlight any specific challenges that the technologies have helped to overcome.

After each tour there will be a Q&A session, as well as an opportunity to network with other attendees.


Network Site Visits are managed and funded by Callaghan Innovation: the New Zealand Government’s innovation agency.

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Meet our experts

Sean2 Aronui
Sean Doherty Product Manager Practical deployment of technology changes

Sean describes himself as a man “in the trenches” of advanced manufacturing. Spanning both research and production, he brings skills in engineering, continuous improvement and operations to the Manufacturing 4. 0 team.

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Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA)

The Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) has supported kiwi businesses to succeed since 1886. We're New Zealand's largest business association, providing strong advocacy, expert legal consultation, training and advice to our 7100+ members.

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