Frederic Lecarpentier

Frederic Lecarpentier

Principal Research Scientist

Applied Technologies

Additive manufacturing complex parts

I’m a Principal Research Scientist working in the Advanced Materials and Engineering group within Applied Technologies. My 25 year research career is focused on materials design, fabrication, and characterisation, moving novel research through to commercialisation. I have a proven track record of successfully transforming concepts into prototypes and commercial products.

For the past 7 years, my primary research focus has been on Additive Manufacturing (AM) of complex parts using cutting-edge 3D printing technologies such as Digital Light Processing, Cold Metal Fusion, and Extrusion Printing. This has allowed me to lead technical advancements and establish in-house capabilities for shaping functional metal and ceramic components.

I am passionate about developing innovative processes that can convert raw materials and industrial waste into high-value products. For this, I work closely with Callaghan Innovation’s customers in ongoing product development which will support the circular economy.

Areas of expertise
  • Additive Manufacturing of metals and ceramics
  • Powder processing and characterisation
  • Shaping of metals and ceramics
  • Thin and thick film coatings
  • Thermal process optimization
  • Physical and mechanical property testing of advanced materials
  • Inorganic and metallic catalysts
  • MSc National College of Industrial Ceramics, Limoges, France, 1997
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