KL Chan

Kin Lung (KL) Chan

Team Leader, AI Lead

Applied Technologies

Leading business into transformative data journeys

I'm the Team Leader of the dynamic Data Vision Team and the AI Lead of Digital and AI Whare. We work to solve business challenges through innovative use of data and Artificial Intelligence.

My journey includes having pioneered the Data Discovery and Data DIY services at Callaghan Innovation. These services enable businesses to embark on a transformative data journey. I've developed a Data Discovery framework that serves to help businesses navigate through their data landscape and the potential data opportunities which they are not yet harnessing. And with Data DIY, I've conceptualised and brought to life a service that empowers businesses to upskill in the domains of data and AI technology.

While many consider AI to be a genius, I would like to reveal a little secret – AI isn't as smart as it's often portrayed. It's the minds behind it, the ones that comprehend its potential and harness its capabilities, that make the real ‘magic’ happen.

Engaging with a wide spectrum of businesses is what I thrive on, always pushing the boundaries of what AI and data can achieve. The best moments are when I delve into unique challenges and work collaboratively towards solutions that are as ingenious as they are effective.

Areas of expertise
  • AI
  • Data Science
  • Data/AI strategy
  • PhD, Electronic Engineering, University of Hull, UK, 1998
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