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Sue Pauwels

Business Innovation Advisor


Pathways to market for MedTech

I am a Health Tech specialist working within the Business Innovation Advisory group where my commercialisation expertise is directed to early stage MedTech device and digital companies. They are R&D intensive yet often lack an understanding of what it takes to bring a product to the global market.

For over 20 years I have worked in the New Zealand science system assisting companies develop new products. A key aspect of my work is to develop sound pathways for both technical and market validation while also providing an understanding of the complex regulatory frameworks necessary for global success.

New Zealand clinicians and founders continue to inspire me. Their dedication to better the lives of their patients by developing new, novel and smart devices help patients get well again. During my work I was at the start of a journey with two 20-year old entrepreneurs whose vision was to build a revision tool for High School students. After 8 years working together the company grew to be valued at over $50M and is now valued at over $350m.

Areas of expertise
  • HealthTech Medical Devices
  • Digital Sector
  • Agritech, Aquaculture
  • I have an interest in Construction Sector
  • HTA suite of products and workshops including, Capital Education,Regulatory Pathways, Clinical Validation, Know your Customer/Know your Product
  • Beyond IP
  • Product market fit/ tech validation
  • Event facilitation 
  • Product 360
  • Nursing qualification. 
  • MBA from Massey 
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