Strath McKenzie

Strath McKenzie

Mechatronics Research Engineer

Applied Technologies

Rapid design of smart electromechanical devices

I am a Mechatronics Research Engineer specialising in Advanced Mechatronics within the Applied Technologies division. My expertise is in the rapid design and development of smart electromechanical devices. As a research engineer, I provide design and prototyping services to innovative companies and contribute to internal research initiatives. My background is in Mechatronics and Bioengineering, particularly in stroke rehabilitation robotics. 

For me, the three Cs - Coffee, Coffee, and the ‘Challenge Of Forever Fetching Engineering Excellence’ - fuel my passion for work. I find great satisfaction in solving complex problems and am motivated by others who also pursue the process of learning, inventing, and creating. 

I achieved distinction in my Masters while also working for Callaghan Innovation part-time. This gave me invaluable industry knowledge and also allowed me the flexibility to balance work and study. It was a transformative experience.

If you have an interest in mechatronics or are intrigued by its seemingly magical nature, I encourage you to explore the field further. A great starting point is to buy a microcontroller, such as an Arduino, and try simple projects like making an LED flash or printing a "hello world" message to the serial port. It is never too late or the wrong time to acquire new skills and expand your horizons

I am passionate about mechatronics and its potential to transform industries and improve lives. I see advancements daily which contribute to the progress of society.

Areas of expertise
  • Rapid prototyping (MVP)
  • High level problem solving
  • Research and investigative work
  • Full system design
  • Embedded hardware / software development
  • Microcontroller Implementation
  • Sensor fusion & smart sensing systems
  • Electrical design
  • 3D Printing
  • M.Eng, Bioengineering, University of Canterbury, 2020
  • B.Eng, Mechatronics, University of Canterbury, 2018
Selected publications
  • Gnarometer Surfcam Live Inspector, S. McKenzie & R. Green, 2018 International Conference On Image And Vision Computing New Zealand
  • Upper-limb active exoskeleton BITERS, S. McKenzie, University of Canterbury Postgraduate Theses
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