Shane Dooley

Shane Dooley

Business Innovation Advisor


Product management for AgriTech

I work as a Business Innovation Advisor specialising in product development and product management for AgriTech. I am a passionate advocate for proactive product management because few kiwi firms understand the benefits. 

My past work involved delivering technology products to export markets globally. Using product management, I have been able to both create a new market category and also grow companies into a multi-million dollar business.

The global agriculture industry is different from other markets because it tends to operate on one pay cheque a year whilst other consumer markets get paid every week. The rate of change is noticeably different and only rarely will one solution exactly work in the same way internationally. This flavours the advice I can give and the strategies likely to succeed.

My expertise is strongest where customer knowledge and interaction intersects with technology. The product management journey starts with understanding the customer and why your product will solve their problem. I can shortcut my customers’ path to success because I leverage my experience and track record to serve their needs. 

Areas of expertise
  • Exporting Tech
  • Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Product development
  • Agritech
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Marine Electronics
  • SaaS
  • IOT
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