Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Process Operator


Food product development and scale-up processing

I am a Process Operator in the Biotechnologies team at Callaghan Innovation. With a strong background in food processing and food product development, I bring experience in both laboratory work and scale-up processing.

My expertise lies in process operation, specifically in the areas of food and fermentation. I have hands-on experience in managing and optimising fermentation processes, ensuring efficient production and maintaining product quality. I am well-versed in operating and maintaining fermentation equipment and have an understanding of the variables that influence fermentation outcomes.

In addition to process operation, I am skilled in food product development. I have a keen eye for creating innovative and marketable food products, utilising my knowledge of ingredient functionality, formulation development, and sensory evaluation. From ideation to commercialisation, I am involved in every stage of the product development process, ensuring that the final product meets both customer expectations and regulatory standards.

Areas of expertise
  • Process operation (specifically food and fermentation)
  • Food product development
  • B FoodTech (Hons), Massey University,  2022
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