Braden Loveridge

Braden Loveridge

Business Innovation Advisor


Finding competitive business advantage for the food industry

I am a highly accomplished professional with a degree in food technology and a postgraduate diploma in finance. With an impressive 25-year track record in the food and beverage industry, both locally and internationally, I have excelled in technical and commercial roles spanning ingredients, finished goods, manufacturing, packaging and FMCG.

Throughout my career, my curiosity about the inner workings of the food industry and its related technologies and systems has been a driving force. My passion for business has seamlessly integrated with this interest, shaping my diverse career path. From roles in research and development to technical sales, global key account management, and contract manufacturing, I have gained valuable experience working in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the UK.

Regardless of the specific role or location, my unwavering focus has always been on uncovering the competitive advantage for businesses. I thrive on engaging with a broad range of F&B clients, understanding their unique requirements in research and development, as well as fostering innovation. My ability to connect with clients and deliver tailored solutions is a testament to my expertise and commitment in the field.

Recent client success for me includes leading and collaborating with my science colleagues to facilitate a multi horizon innovation roadmap for a well known beverage product and their cross functional team with domain expertise in IP and health. The output of this work was invaluable to inform capital raising requirements at a board level for further NZ based R&D activities to deliver their vision, coupled with successfully identifying the inter-linkages between research streams.

Areas of expertise
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Food Technology
  • Scaling Food & Beverage
  • Strategy Design
  • R&D/Innovation Roadmapping
  • Sales, Marketing, Export and Supply Chain
  • F&B Packaging
  • FMCG

Bachelor of Technology (Food) &  PGDip (Finance) 

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