Natasha Evans

Natasha Evans

Senior Research Scientist

Applied Technologies

Biopolymer chemistry solving applied tech problems

I work in the Microsystems and Polymers teams as a Senior Research Scientist. We help Callaghan Innovation customers solve challenging applied technology problems.  I really enjoy the challenge of formulating new products and investigating unknown or failed materials.

My background is in biopolymers starting with PhD work on the synthesis and characterisation of derivatives of the chitosan polymer. My post-doctoral work focused on the biomimetic mineralisation of polymer scaffolds. Currently, I have been using electrospinning to process biopolymers into nanofibers. These areas of research have enabled me to specialise in biopolymers, as well as general polymer chemistry and material science. 

One of the inspiring scientists I look up to is Professor Kate McGrath, with whom I did my post-doc research. She showed me that the best scientists use brains, creativity and heart to succeed - it’s the blend of all three that delivers excellence. 

Areas of expertise
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Sustainability advice
  • Materials characterisation
  • PhD Chemistry, University of Otago, 2009
  • BSc (Hons), Chemistry, University of Otago, 2004
Memberships and awards
  • NZIC member
Selected publications
  • Munro, N. H. & McGrath, K. M. Advances in techniques and technologies for bone implants. Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials 4, 26–36 (2015).
  • Munro, N. H., Green, D. W. & McGrath, K. M. In situ continuous growth formation of synthetic biominerals. Chemical Communications 49, 3407–3409 (2013).
  • Munro, N. H. & McGrath, K. M. Biomimetic approach to forming chitin/aragonite composites. Chemical Communications 48, 4716–4718 (2012).
  • Munro, N. H., Green, D. W., Dangerfield, A. & McGrath, K. M. Biomimetic mineralisation of polymeric scaffolds using a combined soaking and Kitano approach. Dalton Transactions 40, 9259–9268 (2011).
  • Munro, N. H., Hanton, L. R., Moratti, S. C. & Robinson, B. H. Synthesis and characterisation of chitosan-graft-poly(OEGMA) copolymers prepared by ATRP. Carbohydrate Polymers 77, 496–505 (2009).
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