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Want to boost business productivity and increase staff engagement? Learn how Callaghan Innovation’s Lean programme could be your efficiency game changer.

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What is Lean and what are the benefits?

Would you like to empower your staff and free them up to focus on activities that add value and better serve your customers?

The current climate is proving to be challenging for many businesses, but there are ways to make your organisation more resilient. Lean creates a culture of continuous improvement that allows businesses to improve workflow, create certainty in the face of uncertain markets, keep waste and costs down, increase staff engagement, and reduce the impact of staff shortages by bringing focus to customer-value-adding activities.

Callaghan Innovation’s Lean workshop and coaching programme will boost your competitiveness and performance. Access to a Lean coach will help you implement the programme and realise its full benefits.

Lean will help you across your business, showing you how to:

  • identify customer value-adding activities
  • identify inefficiencies across your business
  • improve planning, staff engagement, customer value, inventory and production flow 
  • create a continuous culture of improvement.

However, Lean is not about cutting jobs or examining individual departments.


Jones & Sandford Joinery Ltd - Lean Journey from Roger Jones on Vimeo.


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Who is Lean for?

  • Callaghan Innovation’s Lean programme is designed for:
  • medium to large-scale high-value manufacturing and services businesses
  • medium to large-scale food and beverage and agritech businesses
  • businesses stalled by unnecessary costs or inefficient workflows
  • businesses that suffer from poor staff engagement and low customer value.

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How does Lean work?

Lean consists of a one-day workshop and a 12-month co-funded coaching programme with one of our approved consultants.

In partnership with Executive and Professional Development, Callaghan Innovation delivers Lean workshops throughout New Zealand.

Registrations are limited to a maximum of three people per business, and priority is given to registrations from businesses new to the Lean programme. An outline of the workshop content and learning outcomes can be found here.

Once you’ve attended, or registered for an upcoming workshop, you’ll appoint a Lean coach, from the Lean Consultant Directory to get Lean implementation underway.

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How can you sign up and how much does it cost?

To register interest or to sign up for a Lean workshop, please email


Lean one-day workshops cost $200, excluding GST, per person.

Working with the Lean consultant over the 12-month period is co-funded – you pay 60%, we fund 40%, up to a maximum of $20,000.

The total cost will vary depending on the consultant you choose.

Lean workshop dates for 2023:

Date Location
September 28 Napier
October 10 Whangarei
October 19 Invercargill
October 24 Auckland
November 16 Nelson 
November 23  Gisborne


Updated: 20 September 2023