Zeus Engineer

Senior Research Engineer

Applied Technologies

Combining science and engineering for real world impact

I am a Senior Research Engineer in the Applied Technologies group where I work in experimental physics, design, and prototyping. My skills include electronics and hardware development, physics, design and prototyping, control systems and sensor data extraction. 

Since joining Callaghan Innovation in 2015, I have been applying physical concepts and ideas to customer projects including manufacturing, aerospace, health and cleantech. 

The real-world impact of our science and engineering is tangible. One of my most exciting work moments was hanging out of a helicopter to collect evidence that our prototype was functioning as intended, which was both cool and also validated the effectiveness of our work. 

Problem-solving and pushing the boundaries of science and engineering to create cutting-edge technologies within a multidisciplinary team is what I enjoy. I like having the opportunity to work on niche projects with the potential to transform the world. 

Areas of expertise
  • Physics, design and prototyping
  • Electronics and hardware development
  • Control systems, sensors and data extraction
  • BSc(Hons) in Physics, BE(Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Auckland, 2014
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