Mark Poletti

Mark Poletti

Distinguished Scientist

Applied Technologies

Audio and acoustic engineering

My expertise is in audio engineering, acoustics and signal processing. These have been applied to a number of commercial products. I have also produced a significant publication record.

I am the inventor of the technology underlying the Meyer Constellation system for the electroacoustic enhancement of room acoustics. More recently, I have been working in microphone array processing and have collaborated with the New Zealand company Dotterel Technologies to develop an innovative shotgun microphone that is now winning international awards. 

I’m also working on virtual reality sound recording solutions using novel microphone arrays.

Areas of expertise
  • Acoustics
  • Surround sound and sound reproduction systems
  • Personal (multizone) sound systems
  • Microphone array design using digital MEMs microphones and FPGA processing
  • Diffraction (boundary element) modelling and diffraction-compensated beamformer design for non-spherical microphone arrays
  • Electroacoustic room enhancement systems
  • Signal processing algorithms for virtual reality (soundbars, crosstalk cancellation) and music applications
  • Digital signal processing
  • Analogue electronics
  • BSc Physics, University of Auckland, 1982
  • MSc Physics, University of Auckland, 1984
  • PhD Acoustics, University of Auckland, 2001
Memberships and awards
  • Senior Member IEEE
  • Member Audio Engineering Society
  • Member Acoustical Society of America
  • Member Acoustical Society New Zealand
  • 2021: Science New Zealand Award, Individual/Lifetime Achievement
  • 2012: Cooper Medal: Physics and engineering award for best single account of original research, particularly benefitting New Zealand, for installation of Constellation system in the Aotea Center, Auckland,
  • 2001: Auckland University Prize for best Thesis, Faculty of Architecture
  • 2000: NZ Royal Society Science and Technology award for the development of the VRA system
Selected publications
  • “A superfast Toeplitz matrix inversion method for single- and multi-channel inverse filters and its application to room equalization,” M. A. Poletti and P. D. Teal, IEEE/ACM Trans Audio, Speech, Language Proc. 29, pp 3144–3157, 2021 DOI 10.1109/TASLP.2021.3120650
  • “Spherical expansions of sound radiation from resilient and rigid disks with reduced error,” M. A. Poletti, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 144 (3), pp 1180–1189, September 2018
  • ”Personal sound zones,” T. Betlehem, W. Zhang, M. A. Poletti and T. D. Abhayapala, IEEE Sig. Proc. Mag., pp 81-91, March 2015
  • “Three dimensional surround sound systems based on spherical harmonics,” M. A. Poletti, J. Audio Eng. Soc., 53 (11), pp 1004-1025, November 2005
  • “The analysis of a general assisted reverberation system,” M. A. Poletti, Acta Acustica 84, pp 766-775, July/August 1998
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