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Trial a collaborative robot in your workplace to see how automation could benefit you, including increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

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What are manufacturing robots and what are their benefits?

Manufacturing robots, such as collaborative robots, or ‘cobots’, work alongside humans in a shared workspace and can assist with monotonous tasks. This technology can free up your skilled staff to focus on value-add activities, increase productivity, safety and employee satisfaction, and enable your business to be more competitive.

Key benefits of manufacturing robots include:

  • Fast and easy to programme 
    Cobots can be programmed by a combination of manually moving the robot arm by hand and using the simple controls on a touchscreen tablet. And you don’t need any specialist skills to program them.
  • Safe to use
    Cobots can help you produce a safer workplace. They have been designed to work alongside your employees, in most cases without any need for special safety guarding. They can also reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries by automating dirty, dull and dangerous tasks.
  • Flexible redeployment
    Multi-axis movement and easy programming mean cobots can be easily adapted to a variety of tasks.
  • Quick return on investment
    Cobots can earn a fast payback – potentially less than one year, dependent on application. 

To allow you to see how a cobot could benefit your business, Callaghan Innovation offers trials of manufacturing robots

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Who are manufacturing robot trials for?

The manufacturing robot trial is of most benefit to businesses that are new to robotics, and have manufacturing or production tasks that can be performed by a cobot. The trial is ideal for businesses ready to explore the potential of how robotics fit into the future of work.

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How do manufacturing robot trials work?

Callaghan Innovation offers a 28-day trial of a Universal Robot UR5. 

You’ll send a video to Callaghan Innovation of the application you’re looking to use a cobot for. Our Mechatronics team will help you determine if a cobot is a good fit for your type of manufacturing, and how a trial could work for you.

If you decide to go ahead with the trial, you’ll sign a hiring agreement and then one of our team will help you set up the cobot.

Typically, Callaghan Innovation will send out an engineer to your workplace for up to a day of training on the UR5. You’ll then ship back the cobot at the end of the trial.

Key UR5 cobot arm specifications

  • 5 kg payload
  • Reach radius of up to 850 mm 
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • I/O ports allow integration with other equipment

Additional accessories included with trial cobot

  • Electronic gripper
  • Wrist camera
  • Force/torque sensor

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How can you sign up and how much does it cost?

The 28-day trial is free for suitable businesses.

To request a trial or find out more, please contact our customer support team

Request a trial

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Manufacturing robots in action

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Updated: 22 May 2023