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Discover whether your product idea has a market, and if you’d know how to scale, with Product’s 360 free validation resources.

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What is Product360 and what are its benefits?

Product360 is a free central resource hub to help businesses identify their unique commercialisation needs, as well as any potential roadblocks, to help avoid costly backtracking and time delays in product development. The resources have been developed for Kiwi innovators by Kiwis, and cover common experiences New Zealand businesses face when they scale internationally. 

Do you know if there is even a market for your product?  And do you know how you can scale? Knowing how to validate your idea, and validate quickly,  is crucial before the – often costly – development and market launch phases.

Product360 offers:

  • Tools and user guides, with questions for businesses to test their knowledge on eight key areas of market validation: Opportunity, business model, selling at scale, development and design, regulations, relationships, adaptability and logistics. 
  • Video case studies from leading industry experts, so you can learn from their firsthand experiences.
  • Challenges businesses can apply to their specific products.

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Who is Product360 for?

Product 360 is suitable for any New Zealand business that wants to better understand the potential market of a product idea, regardless of your business size or what stage you’re at in your market or commercialisaton journey.

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How does Product360 work?

eProduct360 is entirely online, so businesses can access the resources anytime from anywhere. And because there’s no set order or schedule, businesses can work through the resources at their own pace.

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How can you sign up and how much does it cost?

You don’t need to sign up to use Product360, simply jump on the website and get started. All Product360 resources are free and available 24/7. 

Product360 website

Any further commercialisation activity is to be self-funded by the individual business.

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Updated: 4 November 2022