All of us are interconnected by Te Taiao, our natural environment, and have a responsibility to not only preserve it, but to leave it better for future generations.

At Callaghan Innovation, we’re working with innovators, investors, corporates, government and others to develop a globally competitive CleanTech ecosystem in New Zealand. The aim is to grow businesses that develop innovative offerings, provide meaningful jobs and help solve climate change, water quality and resource-use problems for New Zealand and, importantly, the world.

Check out some of the exciting initiatives in the CleanTech space.

What is CleanTech?

CleanTech: High-tech businesses creating products to help solve climate change and other environmental problems.

ClimateTech: High-tech businesses creating products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in areas such as alternative foods, alternative fuels and energy storage. 

Environmental innovation: A whole-of-system view of innovation bringing together factors such as policy, infrastructure and technology to deliver transformative positive impacts for the environment.

CleanTech is critical for a zero-carbon, climate-resilient future. New technology will play an important role in solving climate change and other environmental problems, while creating a high-value export industry and new employment opportunities.

Phil Anderson - Callaghan Innovation CleanTech Business Advisor

New Zealand CleanTech Guide

Callaghan Innovation has created additional resources to help people navigate this promising and complex ecosystem - the NZ CleanTech Guide.

This guide includes an assessment of CleanTech innovators that Callaghan Innovation has worked with recently. In Financial Year 2020, 98 of these CleanTech innovators generated $330m revenue, supported 1,860 jobs and invested $95m in R&D. 


CleanTech investment opportunities

Over recent years, New Zealand has seen increased investment opportunities and funding becoming available for innovators in the CleanTech space. Read more...

About C-Prize 2019

Ecosystem activity

The last year saw plenty of developments in Kiwi CleanTech, with many new initiatives kicking off to help innovators. Read more...

Report: New Zealand Climate Tech for the World

An independent report, ‘New Zealand Climate Tech For The World’ completed by the Cleantech Group, was released in July 2021. Read more...

Report: The New Waste to Value opportunity

Our report, ‘The New Waste to Value’ dives into the opportunities and challenges being explored by Kiwi CleanTech innovators and showcases some of their work. Read more...

CleanTech Stories and News

Callaghan Innovation currently works with hundreds of Kiwi CleanTech businesses creating innovative products to solve environmental challenges across water use, waste management, emissions reductions, and smarter resource use. 

Check out a few of their stories on our news and events page.


Seeing the wood for the trees

In the fight against climate change, incentives such as carbon credits are a key part of encouraging reforestation efforts.

Read more about Seeing the wood for the trees

The ripple effect

Zincovery aims to recycle the steel galvanising industry’s spent acid and zinc for reuse.

Read more about The ripple effect

Power of good

Kiwi company Emrod are on the brink of making wireless electricity a commercial reality.

Read more about Power of good

Cementing eco-friendly building

Neocrete is a New Zealand-based company focused on reducing the carbon footprint of concrete and improving its performance.

Read more about Cementing eco-friendly building

Callaghan Innovation is leading New Zealand's CleanTech Mission partnership

In July 2021, the New Zealand CleanTech Mission partnership was launched to help Kiwi businesses develop world-leading CleanTech. Led by Callaghan Innovation, our mission partners include:

  • Callaghan Innovation: NZ's innovation agency helping create savvy, ambitious, R&D-performing businesses that take on the world
  • Auckland Unlimited: Auckland’s economic and cultural agency driving investment and innovation, and supporting Auckland businesses to thrive
  • Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge (SfTI): a 10-year Government investment boosting physical sciences and engineering to tackle high-tech challenges
  • UniServices: a not-for-profit company of the University of Auckland helping to commercialise research with the power to change the world
  • New Zealand Capital Growth Partners (NZGCP): Government fund stimulating investment into early-stage Kiwi companies with high-growth potential.
  • Ara Ake: New Zealand’s Future Energy Centre, working with businesses to facilitate demonstration projects of new and emerging emissions lowering technologies.
  • KiwiNet: Supports public research organisations to commercialise amazing research innovations that create big impacts for New Zealand.
  • The MacDiarmid Institute: a network of leading researchers united to create and explore innovative, sustainable materials that will improve the lives of people in Aotearoa and around the world.

To check out more on our new partnership, see: The New Zealand CleanTech Mission

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