Callaghan innovation extension of industry 4.0 demonstration network
Callaghan Innovation announces extension of Industry 4.0 demonstration network

The LMAC Group has built a new mobile showcase experience focused on digital technologies designed to help New Zealand companies harness the opportunity to become more productive and profitable.

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Jones & Sandford Joinery: Less stressed employees, less stressed clients, all through Lean

At a glance As one of the biggest joinery companies in New Zealand, Jones & Sanford could no longer afford all the costly and time consuming errors occurring within the business.

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artgame products
Artgame: Artful quality control thanks to algorithms and automation

At a glance Art licensing company Artgame creates and prints premium lenticular images on items such as bookmarks and postcards, but they needed a quality control solution as it couldn’t be done manually.

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Government innovation agency helps Kiwi companies seeking productivity boost

Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand’s innovation agency, has launched the Aronui Industry 4.0 Navigator to help business leaders and senior managers get their heads around what Industry 4.0 means.

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Digital Lean - a big opportunity for New Zealand business

It started in manufacturing, but the Lean approach is now applied in everything from software development to retailing.

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Lion: A fear of failure becomes the motivation to digitise

At a glance Keen not to be bitten again when it comes to machine failure, Lion wanted a way to predict when its equipment, especially its centrifuges, needed maintenance.

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Assa Abloy & Air New Zealand: The rise of robots in manufacturing

At a glance Robotics allows Kiwi manufacturers to compete with lower-cost producers, the ‘cobots’ working alongside staff and helping to eliminate boring, repetitive tasks.

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Neocrete: Redefining concrete and cementing an eco-friendly future for construction

At a glance In the face of huge emissions created by concrete production, Neocrete set out to create a cement mix using pozzolans, a pumice-like volcanic material, that would reduce carbon emissions and improve concrete performance.

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Longveld: Robots - the helping hands this manufacturing business needed

At a glance Hamilton-based manufacturer Longveld, wanted to find a way to combat the labour-intensive polishing process, especially given there were skills shortages in the area also.

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New Zealand Steel: Steely determination to tackle lost inventory

At a glance Fix issues with misplaced inventory and inventory tracking one product, and New Zealand Steel are set to save $220,000 a year.

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QOROX: Pressing print on concrete

At a glance Waikato-based startup QOROX is the first in the Southern Hemisphere to undertake commercial 3D concrete printing, offering increased affordability, durability and speed over traditional construction methods, as well as environmental benefits.

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silver fern farms img3
Silver Fern Farms: Data-driven improvements in the meat industry

At a glance Although major players in New Zealand’s meat industry, Silver Fern Farms knew their offal yield forecasting wasn’t as accurate as it could be, was time-consuming and eating into profits.

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