Daisy Lab and ice cream icon taste test dairy identical dessert
Daisy Lab and ice-cream icon taste test dairy-identical dessert

Daisy Lab is developing cutting-edge technology that builds on Aotearoa New Zealand’s 100-year heritage in dairy innovation, while reducing the environmental impact of dairy.

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Showcasing world leading Kiwi cleantech innovation to Silicon Valley
Showcasing world-leading Kiwi cleantech innovation to Silicon Valley

The globally ambitious Kiwi cleantech ventures connected with corporates and investors at networking events in Silicon Valley and at the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America, in San Diego, as part of a New Zealand Cleantech Mission led by Callaghan Innovation last month.

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Callaghan innovation extension of industry 4.0 demonstration network
Callaghan Innovation announces extension of Industry 4.0 demonstration network

The LMAC Group has built a new mobile showcase experience focused on digital technologies designed to help New Zealand companies harness the opportunity to become more productive and profitable.

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Fund Arohia
First Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant recipients

The Ārohia Trailblazer Innovation Grant is part of a new fund designed to support businesses that are benefiting the Aotearoa New Zealand innovation ecosystem.

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Kitea Health Product
Kitea Health: Implantable tech battling chronic conditions

Who are Kitea Health?

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CarbonScape product image
CarbonScape: Creating a more climate-friendly battery technology

Who are CarbonScape?

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Gastric Alimetry Arohia Innovation Trailblazer
Alimetry: Blazing a Trail in Gastric Care

Who are Alimetry?

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Leaft food product image
Leaft Foods: low impact, high value protein production

Who are Leaft Foods?

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Neocrete product ehaus pour Nelson
Neocrete: Carbon neutral concrete

Who are Neocrete?

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Wellumio team
Wellumio: stroke diagnosis, anywhere, anytime

Who are Wellumio?

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Avertana desheng slag
Avertana: Turning steelmaking waste into useful raw materials

Who are Avertana?

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Dawn Aerospace product image
Dawn Aerospace: Transforming space transportation

Who are Dawn Aerospace?

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