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Blockchain as an energy sector game changer

Around the globe blockchain is touted as a game changer for many sectors, particularly electricity.

Blockchain - a public ledger of records, linked and secured using cryptography - is one of many technologies which may disrupt the energy sector. There is much potential in blockchain technology, but also complexity in trying to understand what opportunities it really offers, and how these can be applied to the sector.

On Thursday 16 November 2017, ERANZ, Genesis Energy, Callaghan Innovation and Advisian held a seminar exploring blockchain's future in the energy sector.  

Fraser Clark, Associate Advisian

In this video Fraser Clark from Advisian looks into the future of blockchain and energy to answer the following questions:

  • How significant will blockchain be for the electricity sector?
  • What are the challenges for blockchain adoption in the sector?

The challenge for blockchain is to demonstrate that it is something more than the systems that we have today
…Can we use blockchain to get more value, to get more efficiency, create new services and products?

Presentations from the seminar

PDF icon Paul Ruediger - How can energy companies be blockchain ready?

PDF icon Fraser Clarke - Lost in the ether(eum)? Could blockchain really spell the end of electricity retailing?

PDF icon James Muir - Digital Energy Hub

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Updated: 14 April 2023