Giving you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to innovate and succeed. 

We offer a range of programmes and workshops to help your business scale and increase its pace of innovation, from improving performance and eliminating inefficiencies through to accelerating software and product development.

Lean programme

Boost business productivity and increase staff engagement with our Lean one-day workshop and a 12-month co-funded coaching programme

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Capital Education

Capital Education workshop

A guide to raising capital in New Zealand. Capital Education’s expert insights and support helps demystify the process, so your business can thrive.

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Our Whkatauaki

Product360: product commercialisation

Discover whether your product idea has a market, and if you’d know how to scale, with Product’s 360 free validation resources.

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aronui logo

Aronui - Industry 4.0 navigator

As an impartial advisory service , Aronui Industry 4.0 Navigator is a guided experience to inspire business leaders to think beyond optimising for productivity.

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Beyond IP

Beyond IP: Intangible asset management programme

Identify your IP assets, manage them strategically and maximise to unlock your competitive edge

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