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The refreshed, more accessible New to R&D Grant is now open

This article was published on Nov 17, 2023, 8:30 AM

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The refreshed, more accessible New to R&D Grant is now open, with a handful of updates to make it easier, more efficient and more effective than ever before.

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    Our team have made three key changes to the grant: 

    Simplified co funding: 40% across both R&D projects and Capability Development - meaning more funding could be available to invest in that exciting first R&D project.

    More streamlined application process: single stage application and single contract, saving time and effort.

    More focussed learning: applicants will identify at least two key areas of capability development that will most help them become a long-term R&D performer.

    The grant is designed for early-stage businesses that are dreaming up groundbreaking, world-changing innovations, along with the established businesses venturing into R&D for the first time. It’s here to create a new generation of long-term research and development performers.

    So, if your business is yet to seriously invest in R&D, hasn't received Government R&D funding in the past, and is ready to break new ground with your product or idea: we want to hear from you.

    Read more about the New to R&D Grant.

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