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Calculations of the dynamical Debye-Scherrer electron diffraction pattern from small particles of gold and silver, Hall, B.D., Reinhard D., and Ugarte D. , Zeitschrift für Physik D Atoms, Molecules and Clusters, 1993, Volume 26, Issue 1 Supplement, p.73 - 75, (1993)
Calibration and use of low-temperature direct-reading radiation thermometers, Saunders, P. , Measurement Science and Technology, 2009, Volume 20, Issue 2, (2009)
Calibration of a trap detector against a cryogenic radiometer, Nield, K.M., Clare J.F., Hamlin J.D., and Bittar A. , Metrologia, 1998, Volume 35, Issue 4, p.581 - 586, (1998)
On the calibration of a wideband meter, Early, M.D., and King J.A.M. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2010, p.197 - 198, (2010)
Calibration of erythemally weighted broadband instruments: A comparison between PMOD/WRC and MSL, Swift, N., Hülsen G., Nield K., Gröbner J., and Hamlin J.D. , AIP Conference Proceedings, 2013, Volume 1531, p.817 - 820, (2013)
Calibration of UV-vis spectrophotometers for chemical analysis, Clare, J.F. , Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 2005, Volume 10, Issue 6, p.283 - 288, (2005)
Can long term durability of concrete be predicted from accelerated testing?, Milestone, N.B. , Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 2012, Volume 48, Issue 1, p.108 - 114, (2012)
Can polymorphism be used to form branched metal nanostructures?, Lagrow, A.P., Cheong S., Watt J., Ingham B., Toney M.F., Jefferson D.A., and Tilley R.D. , Advanced Materials, 2013, Volume 25, Issue 11, p.1552 - 1556, (2013)
Can sodium silicates affect collagen structure during tanning? Insights from small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) studies, Zhang, Y., Ingham B., Leveneur J., Cheong S., Yao Y., Clarke D.J., Holmes G., Kennedy J., and Prabakar S. , RSC Advances, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, p.11665 - 11671, (2017)
Ca(OH)2 superheating as a low-attrition steam reactivation method for CaO in calcium looping applications, Materić, V., Edwards S., Smedley S.I., and Holt R. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2010, Volume 49, Issue 24, p.12429 - 12434, (2010)
Carbon depth profiling of superconducting YBCO thin films on nanometer scale, Kennedy, V.J., Markwitz A., Bubendorfer A., Long N., and Dytlewski N. , Current Applied Physics, 2004, Volume 4, Issue 2-4, p.292 - 295, (2004)
Cascading pulse tubes on a large diaphragm pressure wave generator to increase liquefaction potential, Caughley, A., Meier J., Nation M., Reynolds H., Boyle C., and Tanchon J. , IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2017, Volume 278, Issue 1, (2017)
Catena-Poly[sodium(I)-μ-tetra-butoxy-borato], Gainsford, G.J., and Kemmitt T. , Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 2009, Volume 65, Issue 5, p. - , (2009)
Catena-Poly[sodium(I)-μ-tetraethoxyborato], Gainsford, G.J., and Kemmitt T. , Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, 2005, Volume 61, Issue 9, p.m417 - m418, (2005)
Cellular fatty acids of Alteromonas species, Svetashev, V.I., Vysotskii M.V., Ivanova E.P., and Mikhailov V.V. , Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 1995, Volume 18, Issue 1, p.37 - 43, (1995)
Cellulophaga pacifica sp. nov, Nedashkovskaya, O.I., Suzuki M., Lysenko A.M., Snauwaert C., Vancanneyt M., Swings J., Vysotskii M.V., and Mikhailov V.V. , International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 2004, Volume 54, Issue 2, p.609 - 613, (2004)
Cementitious grouts for disposal of nuclear wasteforms in deep boreholes, Collier, N.C., Travis K.P., Gibb F.G.F., and Milestone N.B. , 15th International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference 2015, IHLRWM 2015, 2015, p.394 - 400, (2015)
Cement/rock interaction in geothermal wells. The effect of silica addition to the cement and the impact of CO2 enriched brine, J. Silva, Conde, and Milestone N.B. , Geothermics, 2018, Volume 73, p.16 - 31, (2018)
Cerebrosides of the Far Eastern sponge Hymeniacidon assimilis, Makar'eva, T.N., Denisenko V.A., Svetashev V.I., Vysotskii M.V., and Stonik V.A. , Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 1989, Volume 25, Issue 5, p.537 - 541, (1989)
CFD analysis of a diaphragm free-piston Stirling cryocooler, Caughley, A., Sellier M., Gschwendtner M., and Tucker A. , Cryogenics, 2016, Volume 79, p.7 - 16, (2016)
C-H activation of a coordinated thiacyclophane: Cyclometallation of 2,11-dithia[3.3]orthocyclophane by ruthenium(II), Hanton, L.R., and Kemmitt T. , Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 1991, Issue 10, p.700 - 702, (1991)
Characterisation and activity of sol-gel-prepared TiO2 photocatalysts modified with Ca, Sr or Ba ion additives, Al-Salim, N.I., Bagshaw S.A., Bittar A., Kemmitt T., McQuillan A.J., Mills A.M., and Ryan M.J. , Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2000, Volume 10, Issue 10, p.2358 - 2363, (2000)
Characterisation of a fibre Bragg: Grating system for strain and temperature sensing, Stevens, K.J., Panczyk M., Raymond S.G., Williams G.V.M., Monfils I., Hirst D., and Wagner P. , Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST, 2011, p.229 - 232, (2011)
Characterisation of anisotropic poly(vinyl-alcohol) gels prepared using a two-zone controlled directional freezing process, Dawson, A., Thomson M., Gouws G., and Ravindran D. , IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS, 2013, p.860 - 863, (2013)
Characterisation of aurone biosynthesis in Antirrhinum majus, Davies, K.M., Marshall G.B., Bradley J.M., Schwinn K.E., Bloor S.J., Winefield C.S., and Martin C.R. , Physiologia Plantarum, 2006, Volume 128, Issue 4, p.593 - 603, (2006)


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