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Expansions for Log Densities of Multivariate Estimates, Withers, C.S., and Nadarajah S. , Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 2016, Volume 18, Issue 3, p.911 - 920, (2016)
Estimating trend from seasonal data: Is daily, monthly or annual data best?, Withers, C.S., and Nadarajah S. , Environmetrics, 2015, Volume 26, Issue 7, p.488 - 501, (2015)
A general class of cusum statistics, Withers, C.S., and Nadarajah S. , Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, 2015, Volume 29, Issue 3, p.361 - 384, (2015)
Octanoate in human albumin preparations is detrimental to mesenchymal stromal cell culture, Wong, W.-W., Mackenzie A.D., Nelson V.J., Faed J.M., and Turner P.R. , Stem Cells International, 2015, Volume 2015, (2015)
Estimation of Antarctic Land-Fast Sea Ice Algal Biomass and Snow Thickness From Under-Ice Radiance Spectra in Two Contrasting Areas, Wongpan, P., Meiners K.M., Langhorne P.J., Heil P., Smith I.J., Leonard G.H., Massom R.A., Clementson L.A., and Haskell T.G. , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2018, Volume 123, Issue 3, p.1907 - 1923, (2018)
Light metal hydrides - Potential hydrogen storage materials, Woolf, H., Brown I.W.M., and Bowden M.E. , Current Applied Physics, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 3-4, p.459 - 462, (2008)
Hierarchical anodic alumina template-assisted fabrication of nanowires, Wu, J.P., Brown I.W.M., Kemmitt T., and Bowden M.E. , ICONN 2010 - Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2010, p.29 - 32, (2010)
Measurement of local wood velocites by acoustic microscopy, Wu, D., Petherick R., and Harris P.D. , IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS, 2013, p.1587 - 1589, (2013)
Palladium coated porous anodic alumina membranes for gas reforming processes, Wu, J.P., Brown I.W.M., Bowden M.E., and Kemmitt T. , Solid State Sciences, 2010, Volume 12, Issue 11, p.1912 - 1916, (2010)
Tapered microstructure for impedance matching using PDMS moulding, Wu, D., Wright A., and Harris P.D. , IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS, 2011, p.1936 - 1939, (2011)
A taper microstructure for impedance matching, Wu, D., Harris P.D., and Young R. , Proceedings - IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, 2010, p.2076 - 2079, (2010)
Optical Mellin transform through Haar wavelet transformation, Wu, C.Y., Somervell A.R.D., Haskell T.G., and Barnes T.H. , Optics Communications, 2003, Volume 227, Issue 1-3, p.75 - 82, (2003)
Optical Sine transformation and image transmission by using square optical waveguide, Wu, C.Y., Somervell A.R.D., Haskell T.G., and Barnes T.H. , Optics Communications, 2000, Volume 175, Issue 1, p.27 - 32, (2000)
Structure of unsupported bismuth nanoparticles, Wurl, A., Hyslop M., Brown S.A., Hall B.D., and Monot R. , European Physical Journal D, 2001, Volume 8, Issue 3, p.205 - 208, (2001)
First-order hyperpolarizabilities of some charge transfer conjugated molecules with high transmission in the far red, Wyss, C.J., Smith G.J., Woolhouse A.D., Kay A.J., Wadsworth W.J., McKinnie I.T., and Haskell T.G. , Optical Materials, 2001, Volume 16, Issue 3, p.341 - 347, (2001)
An adaptive control system for dielectric elastomers, Xie, S.Q., Ramson P.F., Graaf D.D., Calius E.P., and Anderson I.A. , Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, 2005, Volume 2005, p.335 - 340, (2005)
Interaction of ammonia borane with Li2NH and Li3N, Xiong, Z., Chua Y., Wu G., Wang L., Wong M.W., Kam Z.M., Autrey T., Kemmitt T., and Chen P. , Dalton Transactions, 2010, Volume 39, Issue 3, p.720 - 722, (2010)
A schottky-diode model of the nonlinear insulation resistance in HTSPRTs-Part II: Detailed two- and three-wire measurements, Yamazawa, K., Arai M., and White D.R. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2007, Volume 28, Issue 6, p.1855 - 1867, (2007)
Assessing Impurities in Triple-Point-of-Water Cells Using a Capacitance Conductivity Test, Yan, X.K., White D.R., Hao X.M., Yu Z.J., Edgar H., and Duan Y.N. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2014, Volume 36, Issue 2-3, p.240 - 251, (2014)
Fault current limiting HTS transformer with extended fault withstand time, Yazdani-Asrami, M., Staines M., Sidorov G., Davies M., Bailey J., Allpress N., Glasson N., and Gholamian S.A. , Superconductor Science and Technology, 2019, Volume 32, Issue 3, (2019)
Structures of Human Peroxiredoxin 3 Suggest Self-Chaperoning Assembly that Maintains Catalytic State, Yewdall, N.A., Venugopal H., Desfosses A., Abrishami V., Yosaatmadja Y., Hampton M.B., Gerrard J.A., Goldstone D.C., Mitra A.K., and Radjainia M. , Structure, 2016, Volume 24, Issue 7, p.1120 - 1129, (2016)
Modeling of high-frequency wave propagation in structured materials, Young, R., Harris P.D., and Dawson A. , IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 2011, Volume 58, Issue 3, p.547 - 566, (2011)
High frequency wave propagation in structured materials: Modeling results, Young, R., Harris P.D., Dawson A., and Lecarpentier A. , Proceedings - IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, 2008, p.532 - 535, (2008)
Nanostructured materials produced by self-organised media, Yuan, Y.J., Hentze H.-P., Arnold W.M., Marlow B.K., and Antonietti M. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2002, Volume 4934, p.351 - 355, (2002)
Fabrication of Nanostructured Silica Using a Triblock Copolymer Template, Yuan, Y.J., Hentze H.-P., Arnold W.M., Marlow B.K., and Antonietti M. , Nano Letters, 2002, Volume 2, Issue 12, p.1359 - 1361, (2002)


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