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Pitting corrosion of stainless steel: Measuring and modelling pit propagation in support of damage prediction for radioactive waste containers, Ghahari, S.M., Krouse D.P., Laycock N.J., Rayment T., Padovani C., Suter T., Mokso R., Marone F., Stampanoni M., Monir M., et al. , Energy Materials: Materials Science and Engineering for Energy Systems, 2012, Volume 6, Issue 3, p.205 - 211, (2012)
Power allocation in underlay cognitive radio systems with feasibility detection, Singh, S., Teal P.D., Dmochowski P.A., and Coulson A.J. , 2012 Australian Communications Theory Workshop, AusCTW'12, 2012, p.135 - 139, (2012)
Preface, Kemmitt, T. , Materials Science Forum, 2012, Volume 700, (2012)
Performance of quickest spectrum sensing over various fading channels, Hanafi, E., Martin P.A., Smith P.J., and Coulson A.J. , 2013 Australian Communications Theory Workshop, AusCTW 2013, 2013, p.69 - 74, (2013)
Photoluminescence and radioluminescence study of Eu and Mn doped RbMgF 3 nanoparticles, Gaedtke, C., Williams G.V.M., Janssens S., Raymond S., and Clarke D.J. , Radiation Measurements, 2013, Volume 56, p.187 - 191, (2013)
A pilot experiment for GPS link calibration between TL-MSL, Wang, J.-L., Huang Y.-J., Lin H.-T., Liao C.-S., Lin S.-Y., Armstrong T., and Huang S.-Y. , 26th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation, ION GNSS 2013, 2013, Volume 4, p.3474 - 3479, (2013)
Prestresse sialon aluminium-casting riser tubes, Ryan, M.J., Young R., Manning D., White G.V., Brown I.W.M., Chen C.Y., and Stanley R. , Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 2013, Volume 49, Issue 1, p.44 - 47, (2013)
Protein nanotechnology: What is it?, Gerrard, J.A. , Methods in Molecular Biology, 2013, Volume 996, p.1 - 15, (2013)
Protein β-interfaces as a generic source of native peptide tectons, Valéry, C., Pandey R., and Gerrard J.A. , Chemical Communications, 2013, Volume 49, Issue 27, p.2825 - 2827, (2013)
Paenibacillus darwinianus sp. nov., isolated from gamma-irradiated Antarctic soil, Dsouza, M., Taylor M.W., Ryan J., MacKenzie A., Lagutin K., Anderson R.F., Turner S.J., and Aislabie J. , International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 2014, Volume 64, Issue PART 4, p.1406 - 1411, (2014)
Performance of hydration reactivated Ca looping sorbents in a pilot-scale, oxy-fired dual fluid bed unit, Materić, V., Symonds R., Lu D., Holt R., and Manović V. , Energy and Fuels, 2014, Volume 28, Issue 8, p.5363 - 5372, (2014)
Peroxiredoxin is a versatile self-assembling tecton for protein nanotechnology, Phillips, A.J., Littlejohn J., Yewdall N.A., Zhu T., Valéry C., Pearce F.G., Mitra A.K., Radjainia M., and Gerrard J.A. , Biomacromolecules, 2014, Volume 15, Issue 5, p.1871 - 1881, (2014)
Photodegradation of luminescence in organic-ligand-capped Eu+3:LaF3nano-particles, King, G.G.G., Taylor L.R., Clarke D.J., Quilty J.W., and Longdell J.J. , Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, Volume 115, Issue 4, (2014)
Photodegradation of luminescence in organic-ligand-capped Eu3+:LaF3nano-particles, King, G.G.G., Taylor L.R., Clarke D.J., Quilty J.W., and Longdell J.J. , Applied Physics Letters, 2014, Volume 104, Issue 25, (2014)
Physical and biological controls on DMS,P dynamics in ice shelf-influenced fast ice during a winter-spring and a spring-summer transitions, Carnat, G., Zhou J., Papakyriakou T., Delille B., Goossens T., Haskell T., Schoemann V., Fripiat F., Rintala J.-M., and Tison J.-L. , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2014, Volume 119, Issue 5, p.2882 - 2905, (2014)
Physical characterization of synthetic phosphatidylinositol dimannosides and analogues in binary systems with phosphatidylcholine, Hubert, M., Larsen D.S., Hayman C.M., Rades T., and Hook S. , Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 3, p.913 - 921, (2014)
Phytolith carbon sequestration in China's croplands, Song, Z., Wang H., Strong P.J., and Guo F. , European Journal of Agronomy, 2014, Volume 53, p.10 - 15, (2014)
Polymer brushes for improvement of dry adhesion in biomimetic dry adhesives, Chaudhary, O.J., Calius E.P., Kennedy J.V., and Travas-Sejdic J. , International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 5-8, p.636 - 644, (2014)
Preparation and characterization of progesterone dispersions using supercritical carbon dioxide, Falconer, J.R., Wen J., Zargar-Shoshtari S., Chen J.J., Farid M., Tallon S.J., and Alany R.G. , Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2014, Volume 40, Issue 4, p.458 - 469, (2014)
Protein nanostructures in food - Should we be worried?, Raynes, J.K., Carver J.A., Gras S.L., and Gerrard J.A. , Trends in Food Science and Technology, 2014, Volume 37, Issue 1, p.42 - 50, (2014)
Pyrinomonas methylaliphatogenes gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel group 4 thermophilic member of the phylum Acidobacteria from geothermal soils, Crowe, M.A., Power J.F., Morgan X.C., Dunfield P.F., Lagutin K., Rijpstra W.I.C., Rijpstra I.C., Damste J.S. Sinninghe, Houghton K.M., Ryan J.L.J., et al. , International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 2014, Volume 64, Issue PART 1, p.220 - 227, (2014)
Personal sound zones: Delivering interface-free audio to multiple listeners, Betlehem, T., Zhang W., Poletti M.A., and Abhayapala T.D. , IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 2015, Volume 32, Issue 2, p.81 - 91, (2015)
Products of sinusoids as sums of sinusoids, Withers, C.S., and Nadarajah S. , International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 2015, Volume 46, Issue 2, p.311 - 319, (2015)
Propagation automatique des incertitudes: application aux techniques d'auto-étalonnage des analyseurs de réseau vectoriels, Allal, D., Hall B., Vincent P., Litwin A., and Ziadé F. , 17th International Congress of Metrology, CIM 2015, 2015, (2015)
Proteins as supramolecular building blocks: Nterm-Lsr2 as a new protein tecton, Ashmead, H.M., Negron L., Webster K., Arcus V., and Gerrard J.A. , Biopolymers, 2015, Volume 103, Issue 5, p.260 - 270, (2015)


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