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Chthonomonas calidirosea gen. nov., sp. nov., an aerobic, pigmented, thermophilic micro-organism of a novel bacterial class, Chthonomonadetes classis nov., of the newly described phylum Armatimonadetes originally designated candidate division OP10, Lee, K.C.-Y., Dunfield P.F., Morgan X.C., Crowe M.A., Houghton K.M., Vyssotski M., Ryan J.L.J., Lagutin K., McDonald I.R., and Stott M.B. , International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 2011, Volume 61, Issue 10, p.2482 - 2490, (2011)
Circuit design considerations for regulating energy generated by Dielectric Elastomer Generators, Lo, H.C., McKay T., O'Brien B.M., Calius E.P., and Anderson I. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2011, Volume 7976, (2011)
Circuit influence on Cooper-pair current in solid-state entanglers, Bubanja, V., and Iwabuchi S. , Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2011, Volume 84, Issue 9, (2011)
Closed loop control of dielectric elastomer actuators, Gisby, T.A., O'Brien B.M., Xie S.Q., Calius E.P., and Anderson I.A. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2011, Volume 7976, (2011)
Collinear composite materials for impedance matching, Harris, P.D., Wu D., Thomson M., Petherick R., Lecarpentier F., and Chen H. , IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS, 2011, p.1940 - 1943, (2011)
Comparison of methods for calculating the sound field due to a rotating monopole, Poletti, M.A., and Teal P.D. , Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2011, Volume 129, Issue 6, p.3513 - 3520, (2011)
A constrained optimization approach for multi-zone surround sound, Betlehem, T., and Teal P.D. , ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, 2011, p.437 - 440, (2011)
Correcting radiation thermometry measurements for the size-of-source effect, Saunders, P. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2011, Volume 32, Issue 7-8, p.1633 - 1654, (2011)
Correction for spatial averaging in laser speckle contrast analysis, Thompson, O., Andrews M.K., and Hirst E. , Biomedical Optics Express, 2011, Volume 2, Issue 4, p.1021 - 1029, (2011)
Co-tunneling effects on transport in the spin blockade regime, Oh, J.H., Bubanja V., Shin M., and Lee S.-H. , Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, 2011, p.1133 - 1136, (2011)
Cotunneling suppression in a hybrid single-electron transistor by a dissipative electromagnetic environment, Bubanja, V. , Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2011, Volume 83, Issue 19, (2011)
Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of dihydrodipicolinate synthase 2 from Arabidopsis thaliana, Griffin, M.D.W., Billakanti J.M., Gerrard J.A., Dobson R.C.J., and Pearce F.G. , Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 2011, Volume 67, Issue 11, p.1386 - 1390, (2011)
On the calibration of a wideband meter, Early, M.D., and King J.A.M. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2010, p.197 - 198, (2010)
Ca(OH)2 superheating as a low-attrition steam reactivation method for CaO in calcium looping applications, Materić, V., Edwards S., Smedley S.I., and Holt R. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2010, Volume 49, Issue 24, p.12429 - 12434, (2010)
Composition and distribution of fatty acids in triglycerides from goat infant formulas with milk fat, Prosser, C.G., Svetashev V.I., Vyssotski M.V., and Lowry D.J. , Journal of Dairy Science, 2010, Volume 93, Issue 7, p.2857 - 2862, (2010)
The concept of a pressure balance based watt balance, Sutton, C.M., Fitzgerald M.P., and Jack D.G. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2010, p.131 - 132, (2010)
Cylindrical harmonic expansion of the sound field due to a rotating line source, Poletti, M.A. , 20th International Congress on Acoustics 2010, ICA 2010 - Incorporating Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, 2010, Volume 1, p.71 - 75, (2010)
Calibration and use of low-temperature direct-reading radiation thermometers, Saunders, P. , Measurement Science and Technology, 2009, Volume 20, Issue 2, (2009)
Catena-Poly[sodium(I)-μ-tetra-butoxy-borato], Gainsford, G.J., and Kemmitt T. , Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 2009, Volume 65, Issue 5, p. - , (2009)
On the characterization and correction of the size-of-source effect in radiation thermometers, Saunders, P., and Edgar H. , Metrologia, 2009, Volume 46, Issue 1, p.62 - 74, (2009)
Characterization of cryogel monoliths for extraction of minor proteins from milk by cation exchange, Billakanti, J.M., and Fee C.J. , Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2009, Volume 103, Issue 6, p.1155 - 1163, (2009)
Clipped random wave morphologies and the analysis of the saxs of an ionomer formed by copolymerization of tetrafluoroethylene and CF2= CFO(CF2)4so3H, Aieta, N.V., Stanis R.J., Horan J.L., Yandrasits M.A., Cookson D.J., Ingham B., Toney M.F., Hamrock S.J., and Herring A.M. , Macromolecules, 2009, Volume 42, Issue 15, p.5774 - 5780, (2009)
Conductance of the capacitively coupled single-electron transistor with a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid island in the Coulomb blockade regime, Bubanja, V., and Iwabuchi S. , Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2009, Volume 79, Issue 3, (2009)
Crystalline phase formation in metakaolinite geopolymers activated with NaOH and sodium silicate, Zhang, B., Mackenzie K.J.D., and Brown I.W.M. , Journal of Materials Science, 2009, Volume 44, Issue 17, p.4668 - 4676, (2009)
A comment on: "A forgotten fact about the standard deviation", Hall, B.D., and Willink R. , Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 2008, Volume 13, Issue 1, p.57 - 58, (2008)


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