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Effect of Annealing on Drift in Type S Thermocouples Below 900∘C, Webster, E.S. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2015, Volume 36, Issue 8, p.1909 - 1924, (2015)
The effect of sulfate activation on the early age hydration of BFS:PC composite cement, Collier, N.C., Li X., Bai Y., and Milestone N.B. , Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2015, Volume 464, p.128 - 134, (2015)
Effects of chromophore conjugation length and concentration on the photostability of indoline-based nonlinear optical chromophore/polymer films, Kutuvantavida, Y., Williams G.V.M., Bhuiyan M.D.H., Raymond S.G., and Kay A.J. , Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2015, Volume 119, Issue 6, p.3273 - 3278, (2015)
An efficient parameterization of the room transfer function, Samarasinghe, P., Abhayapala T., Poletti M., and Betlehem T. , IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2015, Volume 23, Issue 12, p.2217 - 2227, (2015)
Efficient Separation and Analysis of Triacylglycerols: Quantitation of β-Palmitate (OPO) in Oils and Infant Formulas, Vyssotski, M., Bloor S.J., Lagutin K., Wong H., and Williams D.B.G. , Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2015, Volume 63, Issue 26, p.5985 - 5992, (2015)
Electrocatalytic oxygen evolution on nickel oxy-hydroxide anodes: Improvement through rejuvenation, Mellsop, S.R., Gardiner A., and Marshall A.T. , Electrochimica Acta, 2015, Volume 180, p.501 - 506, (2015)
Erratum to: Virial Approximation of the TEOS-10 Equation for the Fugacity of Water in Humid Air, Feistel, R., Lovell-Smith J.W., and Hellmuth O. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2015, (2015)
Estimating trend from seasonal data: Is daily, monthly or annual data best?, Withers, C.S., and Nadarajah S. , Environmetrics, 2015, Volume 26, Issue 7, p.488 - 501, (2015)
Evaluating the measurement uncertainty of complex quantities: A selective review, Hall, B.D. , Metrologia, 2015, Volume 53, Issue 1, p.S25 - S31, (2015)
Evaluation of protease resistance and toxicity of amyloid-like food fibrils from whey, soy, kidney bean, and egg white, Lassé, M., Ulluwishewa D., Healy J., Thompson D., Miller A., Roy N., Chitcholtan K., and Gerrard J.A. , Food Chemistry, 2015, Volume 192, p.491 - 498, (2015)
Expanded uncertainty regions for complex quantities in polar coordinates, Hall, B.D. , Metrologia, 2015, Volume 52, Issue 4, p.486 - 495, (2015)
Expansions for the distribution and the maximum from distributions with an asymptotically gamma tail when a trend is present, Withers, C.S., and Nadarajah S. , Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series, 2015, Volume 31, Issue 3, p.526 - 542, (2015)
Ecophysiological diversity of a novel member of the genus Alteromonas, and description of Alteromonas mediterranea sp. nov., Ivanova, E.P., López-Pérez M., Zabalos M., Nguyen S.H., Webb H.K., Ryan J., Lagutin K., Vyssotski M., Crawford R.J., and Rodriguez-Valera F. , Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology, 2014, Volume 107, Issue 1, (2014)
Effects of annealing on the structural and optical properties of zinc sulfide thin films deposited by ion beam sputtering, Kennedy, J., Murmu P.P., Gupta P.S., Carder D.A., Chong S.V., Leveneur J., and Rubanov S. , Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 2014, Volume 26, Issue 1, p.561 - 566, (2014)
Electrically modulated diffraction gratings in organic chromophore thin films, Kutuvantavida, Y., Williams G.V.M., and Bhuiyan M.D.H. , Applied Optics, 2014, Issue 12, p.2687 - 2690, (2014)
Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution on Electrochemically Deposited Cobalt Oxide Films: Comparison with Thermally Deposited Films and Effect of Thermal Treatment, Mellsop, S.R., Gardiner A., and Marshall A.T. , Electrocatalysis, 2014, Volume 5, Issue 4, p.445 - 455, (2014)
Enhancement of exchange bias and training effect in ion-beam sputtered Fe46Mn54/Ni81Fe19bilayers, Fulara, H., Chaudhary S., Kashyap S.C., and Granville S. , Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, Volume 115, Issue 4, (2014)
Enhancement of exchange bias and training effect in ion-beam sputtered Fe46Mn54/Ni81Fe19bilayers, Fulara, H., Chaudhary S., Kashyap S.C., and Granville S. , Applied Physics Letters, 2014, Volume 104, Issue 25, (2014)
Evaluation of measurement comparisons using generalized least squares: The role of participants' estimates of systematic error, Clare, J.F., Koo A., and Davies R.B. , Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 2014, Volume 43, Issue 20, p.4297 - 4307, (2014)
Evolution of a supercooled Ice Shelf Water plume with an actively growing subice platelet matrix, Robinson, N.J., Williams M.J.M., Stevens C.L., Langhorne P.J., and Haskell T.G. , Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2014, Volume 119, Issue 6, p.3425 - 3446, (2014)


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