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A Compact Combinatorial Device for Measurement of Nonlinearity of Radiation Detectors, Saunders, P., White D.R., and Edgar H. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2014, Volume 36, Issue 2-3, p.290 - 302, (2014)
Comparison of sound reproduction using higher order loudspeakers and equivalent line arrays in free-field conditions, Poletti, M.A., Betlehem T., and Abhayapala T.D. , Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2014, Volume 136, Issue 1, p.192 - 200, (2014)
Corrigendum to "Sea ice growth rates near ice shelves" [Cold Regions Science and Technology 83-84 (2012) 57-70], Smith, I.J., Langhorne P.J., Frew R.D., Vennell R., and Haskell T.G. , Cold Regions Science and Technology, 2014, Volume 101, p.81 - 82, (2014)
Creation of a single sound field for multiple listeners, Poletti, M.A., and Betlehem T. , INTERNOISE 2014 - 43rd International Congress on Noise Control Engineering: Improving the World Through Noise Control, 2014, (2014)
Cryogen-free lkA-class Ic measurement system featuring an 8 T HTS magnet, Strickland, N.M., Hoffmann C., Wimbush S.C., Pooke D.M., Huang T., Lazic Z., Chamritski V., Talantsev E.F., Long N.J., and Tallon J.L. , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2014, Volume 507, Issue PART 2, (2014)
Calibration of erythemally weighted broadband instruments: A comparison between PMOD/WRC and MSL, Swift, N., Hülsen G., Nield K., Gröbner J., and Hamlin J.D. , AIP Conference Proceedings, 2013, Volume 1531, p.817 - 820, (2013)
Can polymorphism be used to form branched metal nanostructures?, Lagrow, A.P., Cheong S., Watt J., Ingham B., Toney M.F., Jefferson D.A., and Tilley R.D. , Advanced Materials, 2013, Volume 25, Issue 11, p.1552 - 1556, (2013)
Characterisation of anisotropic poly(vinyl-alcohol) gels prepared using a two-zone controlled directional freezing process, Dawson, A., Thomson M., Gouws G., and Ravindran D. , IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS, 2013, p.860 - 863, (2013)
Characterization and calibration of compact array spectrometers in the ultraviolet spectral region, Shindo, F., Woolliams E., Scott B., and Harris S. , AIP Conference Proceedings, 2013, Volume 1531, p.809 - 812, (2013)
Contamination of PDMS microchannels by lithographic molds, Bubendorfer, A., Ingham B., Kennedy J.V., and Arnold W.M. , Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology, 2013, Volume 13, Issue 22, p.4312 - 4316, (2013)
Corrosion of aluminium metal in OPC- and CAC-based cement matrices, Kinoshita, H., Swift P., Utton C., Carro-Mateo B., Marchand G., Collier N., and Milestone N. , Cement and Concrete Research, 2013, Volume 50, p.11 - 18, (2013)
Cyclic 3-alkyl pyridinium alkaloid monomers from a new zealand haliclona sp. Marine sponge, Damodaran, V., Ryan J.L., and Keyzers R.A. , Journal of Natural Products, 2013, Volume 76, Issue 10, p.1997 - 2001, (2013)
Calcium looping in solar power generation plants, Edwards, S.E.B., and Materić V. , Solar Energy, 2012, Volume 86, Issue 9, p.2494 - 2503, (2012)
Can long term durability of concrete be predicted from accelerated testing?, Milestone, N.B. , Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 2012, Volume 48, Issue 1, p.108 - 114, (2012)
Characterisation of the first enzymes committed to lysine biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana, Griffin, M.D.W., Billakanti J.M., Wason A., Keller S., Mertens H.D.T., Atkinson S.C., Dobson R.C.J., Perugini M.A., Gerrard J.A., and Pearce F.G. , PLoS ONE, 2012, Volume 7, Issue 7, (2012)
Coil correction for oscillatory calibration of a watt balance, Jones, K., Christian L.A., and Sutton C.M. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2012, p.330 - 331, (2012)
Coil correction for oscillatory calibration of a watt balance, Jones, K., Christian L.A., and Sutton C.M. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2012, p.330 - 331, (2012)
Comparison of the reference step method with a MI 8000/8001 potentiometer, Šíra, M., Early M.D., Streit J., and Christian L.A. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2012, p.540 - 541, (2012)
Crystal and molecular structure of 7-diethylamino-[1',3′,3′- trimethyl-4-((1,3,3-trimethyl-1,3-dihydro-2H-indole-2-ylidene)methyl)-1',3, 3′,4-tetrahydrospiro[chromene-2,2'-indole]]: A dicondensation product from the reaction of 4-diethylaminosalicyl, Ashraf, M., Gainsford G.J., and Kay A.J. , Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2012, Volume 65, Issue 7, p.779 - 784, (2012)
C - H⋯π packing interactions in 2-[5,5-bis-(4-benzyloxyphenyl)-3- cyano-4-methyl-2,5-dihydrofuran-2-ylidene]malononitrile, Gainsford, G.J., Anderson J., Bhuiyan M.D.H., and Kay A.J. , Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 2011, Volume 67, Issue 11, p.o3046 - o3047, (2011)
Characterisation of a fibre Bragg: Grating system for strain and temperature sensing, Stevens, K.J., Panczyk M., Raymond S.G., Williams G.V.M., Monfils I., Hirst D., and Wagner P. , Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST, 2011, p.229 - 232, (2011)


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