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Maximizing CO2 sequestration in cement-bonded fiberboards through carbonation curing, He, Z., Jia Y., Wang S., Mahoutian M., and Shao Y. , Construction and Building Materials, 2019, Volume 213, p.51 - 60, (2019)
Measurement and correlation of binary diffusion coefficients in near critical fluids, Catchpole, O.J., and King M.B. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 1994, Volume 33, Issue 7, p.1828 - 1837, (1994)
Measurement and correlation of packed-bed axial dispersion coefficients in supercritical carbon dioxide, Catchpole, O.J., Bernig R., and King M.B. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 1996, Volume 35, Issue 3, p.824 - 828, (1996)
Measurement and modeling of the solubility of phosphatidylcholine in dimethylether and water, Tallon, S., and Catchpole O.J. , AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings, 2004, p.3427 - 3431, (2004)
Measurement and modelling of the ternary phase equilibria for high pressure carbon dioxide-ethanol-water mixtures, Durling, N.E., Catchpole O.J., Tallon S.J., and Grey J.B. , Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2007, Volume 252, Issue 1-2, p.103 - 113, (2007)
Metrological challenges for measurements of key climatological observables: Oceanic salinity and pH, and atmospheric humidity. Part 1: Overview, Feistel, R., Wielgosz R., Bell S.A., Camões M.F., Cooper J.R., Dexter P., Dickson A.G., Fisicaro P., Harvey A.H., Heinonen M., et al. , Metrologia, 2015, Volume 53, Issue 1, (2015)
Mo-mediated corrosion behaviour of 1 Cr - Carbon steel in sweet medium under hydrodynamic control, M. Sk, Hassan, Abdullah A.M., Ryan M.P., Ko M., Williams D.E., Laycock N., and Ingham B. , NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series, 2018, Volume 2018-April, (2018)
Relative permittivity measurements of dimethyl ether + carbon dioxide mixtures, Eltringham, W., Talion S.J., Catchpole O.J., and Fenton K.A. , Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 2008, Volume 53, Issue 3, p.826 - 829, (2008)
Semi-preparative supercritical chromatography scale plant for polyunsaturated fatty acids purification, Montanes, F., Catchpole O.J., Tallon S., Mitchell K., and Lagutin K. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2013, Volume 79, p.46 - 54, (2013)
Separation of derivatized glucoside anomers using supercritical fluid chromatography, Montanes, F., Rose P., Tallon S., and Shirazi R. , Journal of Chromatography A, 2015, Volume 1418, p.218 - 223, (2015)
SLCR laser material processing for controlled removal of CFRP as the first step in the repair chain, Schulz, O.G., and Saunders P. , International SAMPE Technical Conference, 2012, (2012)
Solubility of fish oil components in supercritical CO2 and CO2 + ethanol mixtures, Catchpole, O.J., Grey J.B., and Noermark K.A. , Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 1998, Volume 43, Issue 6, p.1091 - 1095, (1998)
The solubility of water in mixtures of dimethyl ether and carbon dioxide, Tallon, S., and Fenton K.A. , Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2010, Volume 298, Issue 1, p.60 - 66, (2010)
Statistical measures of spottiness in diffraction rings, Ingham, B. , Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2014, Volume 47, Issue 1, p.166 - 172, (2014)
Supercritical antisolvent fractionation of propolis tincture, Catchpole, O.J., Grey J.B., Mitchell K.A., and Lan J.S. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2004, Volume 29, Issue 1-2, p.97 - 106, (2004)
Supercritical CO2 extraction of 1-butanol and acetone from aqueous solutions using a hollow-fiber membrane contactor, Moreno, T., Tallon S.J., and Catchpole O.J. , Chemical Engineering and Technology, 2014, Volume 37, Issue 11, p.1861 - 1872, (2014)
Supercritical extraction of herbs I: Saw Palmetto, St John's Wort, Kava root, and Echinacea, Catchpole, O.J., Perry N.B., Da Silva B.M.T., Grey J.B., and Smallfield B.M. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2002, Volume 22, Issue 2, p.129 - 138, (2002)
Supercritical fluid assisted, integrated process for the synthesis and separation of different lipid derivatives, Weber, A., Catchpole O.J., and Eltringham W. , Journal of Separation Science, 2008, Volume 31, Issue 8, p.1346 - 1351, (2008)


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