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Investigation of the friability of Ca looping sorbents during and after hydration based reactivation, Materić, V., Hyland M., Jones M.I., and Holt R. , Fuel, 2014, Volume 127, p.70 - 77, (2014)
Performance of hydration reactivated Ca looping sorbents in a pilot-scale, oxy-fired dual fluid bed unit, Materić, V., Symonds R., Lu D., Holt R., and Manović V. , Energy and Fuels, 2014, Volume 28, Issue 8, p.5363 - 5372, (2014)
Effect of repeated steam hydration reactivation on CaO-based sorbents for CO2 capture, Materić, B.V., Sheppard C., and Smedley S.I. , Environmental Science and Technology, 2010, Volume 44, Issue 24, p.9496 - 9501, (2010)
High temperature carbonation of Ca(OH)2, Materić, V., and Smedley S.I. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2011, Volume 50, Issue 10, p.5927 - 5932, (2011)
Effects of CO2on geothermal cements, Milestone, N.B., Bigley C.H., Durant A.T., and Sharp M.D.W. , Transactions - Geothermal Resources Council, 2012, Volume 36 1, p.301 - 306, (2012)
Separation of derivatized glucoside anomers using supercritical fluid chromatography, Montanes, F., Rose P., Tallon S., and Shirazi R. , Journal of Chromatography A, 2015, Volume 1418, p.218 - 223, (2015)
Isolation of Non-methylene Interrupted or Acetylenic Fatty Acids from Seed Oils Using Semi-preparative Supercritical Chromatography, Montanes, F., Tallon S., and Catchpole O. , JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 2017, Volume 94, Issue 7, p.981 - 991, (2017)
Semi-preparative supercritical chromatography scale plant for polyunsaturated fatty acids purification, Montanes, F., Catchpole O.J., Tallon S., Mitchell K., and Lagutin K. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2013, Volume 79, p.46 - 54, (2013)
Supercritical CO2 extraction of 1-butanol and acetone from aqueous solutions using a hollow-fiber membrane contactor, Moreno, T., Tallon S.J., and Catchpole O.J. , Chemical Engineering and Technology, 2014, Volume 37, Issue 11, p.1861 - 1872, (2014)
The use of hydrotalcite as an anion absorbent, Parker, L.M., Milestone N.B., and Newman R.H. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 1995, Volume 34, Issue 4, p.1196 - 1202, (1995)
SLCR laser material processing for controlled removal of CFRP as the first step in the repair chain, Schulz, O.G., and Saunders P. , International SAMPE Technical Conference, 2012, (2012)
The effect of the rock type on the degradation of well cements in CO2 enriched geothermal environments, J. Silva, Conde, and Milestone N.B. , Geothermics, 2018, Volume 75, p.235 - 248, (2018)
Cement/rock interaction in geothermal wells. The effect of silica addition to the cement and the impact of CO2 enriched brine, J. Silva, Conde, and Milestone N.B. , Geothermics, 2018, Volume 73, p.16 - 31, (2018)
Local supersaturation and the growth of protective scales during CO2 corrosion of steel: Effect of pH and solution flow, Sk, M.H., Abdullah A.M., Ko M., Ingham B., Laycock N., Arul R., and Williams D.E. , Corrosion Science, 2017, (2017)
Effects of flow on scales formation in a CO2saturated brine environment, M. Sk, Hassan, Abdullah A.M., Ko M., Laycock N., Ingham D.E., and Williams B. , ECS Transactions, 2016, Volume 75, Issue 30, p.17 - 31, (2016)
Mo-mediated corrosion behaviour of 1 Cr - Carbon steel in sweet medium under hydrodynamic control, M. Sk, Hassan, Abdullah A.M., Ryan M.P., Ko M., Williams D.E., Laycock N., and Ingham B. , NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series, 2018, Volume 2018-April, (2018)
The effects of Cr/Mo micro-alloying on the corrosion behavior of carbon steel in CO2-saturated (Sweet) brine under hydrodynamic control, Sk, M.H., Abdullah A.M., Qi J., Ko M., Ingham B., Laycock N., Ryan M.P., and Williams D.E. , Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2018, Volume 165, Issue 5, p.C278 - C288, (2018)
Effect of Cr/Mo on the protectiveness of corrosion scales on carbon steel in sweet medium under high flow regime, M. Sk, Hassan, Abdullah A.M., Ko M., Laycock N., Ingham B., Ryan M.P., and Williams D.E. , ECS Transactions, 2017, Volume 80, Issue 10, p.509 - 517, (2017)
Phytolith carbon sequestration in China's croplands, Song, Z., Wang H., Strong P.J., and Guo F. , European Journal of Agronomy, 2014, Volume 53, p.10 - 15, (2014)
Measurement and modeling of the solubility of phosphatidylcholine in dimethylether and water, Tallon, S., and Catchpole O.J. , AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings, 2004, p.3427 - 3431, (2004)
The solubility of water in mixtures of dimethyl ether and carbon dioxide, Tallon, S., and Fenton K.A. , Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2010, Volume 298, Issue 1, p.60 - 66, (2010)


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