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Multiple classification without model order estimation, Acharyya, R., and Scott N.L. , Program Book - OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Yeosu: The Living Ocean and Coast - Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities, 2012, (2012)
Multichannel Wiener filter estimation using source location knowledge for speech enhancement, Anderson, C.A., Teal P.D., and Poletti M.A. , IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing Proceedings, 2014, p.57 - 60, (2014)
Multi-functional dielectric elastomer artificial muscles for soft and smart machines, Anderson, I.A., Gisby T.A., McKay T.G., O'Brien B.M., and Calius E.P. , Journal of Applied Physics, 2012, Volume 112, Issue 4, (2012)
Micro-volume dielectric measurements on high permittivity solutions: Correlation with results from single-particle electro-manipulation, Arnold, W.M., and Turner G.C. , Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP), Annual Report, 1998, Volume 1, p.360 - 363, (1998)
Mesoporous [M]-MSU-x metallo-silicate catalysts by non-ionic polyethylene oxide surfactant templating: Acid [N0(N+)X-I+] and base (N0M+I-) catalysed pathways, Bagshaw, S.A., Kemmitt T., and Milestone N.B. , Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 1998, Volume 22, Issue 1-3, p.419 - 433, (1998)
Magnetic properties comparison of mass standards among seventeen national metrology institutes, Becerra, L.O., Berry J., Chang C.S., Chapman G.D., Chung J.W., Davis R.S., Field I., Fuchs P., Jacobsson U., Lee S.M., et al. , Metrologia, 2006, Volume 43, Issue 5, p.426 - 434, (2006)
Measuring the Spherical-harmonic Representation of a Sound Field Using a Cylindrical Array, Betlehem, T., and Poletti M. , ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, 2019, Volume 2019-May, p.955 - 959, (2019)
Metabolic products of European-type propolis. Synthesis and analysis of glucuronides and sulfates, Bloor, S.J., and Mitchell K.A. , Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2021, Volume 274, (2021)
Metabolic products of European-type propolis. Synthesis and analysis of glucuronides and sulfates, Bloor, S.J., and Mitchell K.A. , Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2021, Volume 274, (2021)
A macrocyclic anthocyanin from red/mauve carnation flowers, Bloor, S.J. , Phytochemistry, 1998, Volume 49, Issue 1, p.225 - 228, (1998)
Mechanistic studies of hydrogen release from solid amine borane materials, Bowden, M.E., Kemmitt T., Shaw W., Hess N., Linehan J., Gutowski M., Schmid B., and Autrey T. , Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 2006, Volume 927, p.9 - 14, (2006)
The maize Lc regulatory gene up-regulates the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway of Petunia, J. Bradley, Marie, Davies K.M., Deroles S.C., Bloor S.J., and Lewis D.H. , Plant Journal, 1998, Volume 13, Issue 3, p.381 - 392, (1998)
Mathematical Modeling and Measurement of Low Frequency Characteristics of Single-Junction Thermal Converters, Bubanja, V., Amagai Y., Okawa K., and Kaneko N.-H. , IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2022, Volume 71, (2022)
Magnetic-field calculation for a high-temperature superconducting cryogenic current comparator, Bubanja, V. , Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 2007, Volume 57, Issue 2, p.99 - 114, (2007)
Microfabrication of PDMS microchannels using SU-8/PMMA moldings and their sealing to polystyrene substrates, Bubendorfer, A., Liu X., and Ellis A.V. , Smart Materials and Structures, 2007, Volume 16, Issue 2, p.367 - 371, (2007)
MODELING THE FILAMENT WINDING PROCESS., Calius, E.P., and Springer George S. , 1985, p.1071 - 1088, (1985)
MANUFACTURING STRESSES AND STRAINS IN FILAMENT WOUND CYLINDERS., Calius, E.P., Kidron M., Lee S.Y., and Springer G.S. , SAMPE Journal, 1988, Volume 24, Issue 3, p.7 - 9, (1988)
A model of filament-wound thin cylinders, Calius, E.P., and Springer G.S. , International Journal of Solids and Structures, 1990, Volume 26, Issue 3, p.271 - 297, (1990)
Measurement and correlation of binary diffusion coefficients in near critical fluids, Catchpole, O.J., and King M.B. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 1994, Volume 33, Issue 7, p.1828 - 1837, (1994)
Measurement and correlation of packed-bed axial dispersion coefficients in supercritical carbon dioxide, Catchpole, O.J., Bernig R., and King M.B. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 1996, Volume 35, Issue 3, p.824 - 828, (1996)
Measurement and modelling of urea solubility in supercritical CO 2 and CO2 + ethanol mixtures, Catchpole, O.J., Tallon S.J., Dyer P.J., Lan J.-S., Jensen B., Rasmussen O.K., and Grey J.B. , Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2005, Volume 237, Issue 1-2, p.212 - 218, (2005)
Motion Modeling and Trajectory Tracking Control for a Soft Robotic Table, Chen, Z., Deng Z., Dhupia J.S., Stommel M., and Xu W. , IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2021, (2021)
Magneto-resistance study of AFe2As2 (A = Sr, Ba) iron-based compounds, Chong, S.V., Williams G.V.M., Sambale S., Kennedy J., and Kadowaki K. , International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 5-8, p.403 - 411, (2014)
Microwave frequency sensitivity of Josephson array systems, Christian, L.A., and McLeod D. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 1998, p.445, (1998)
Measurement uncertainties arising from unpowered shipment of dc voltage references, Christian, L.A., Chua S.W., Sim T.Y., and Liu L.X. , CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements), 2000, p.403 - 404, (2000)


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