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Tunable phenylenevinylene dimer and trimer molecules for light harvesting antennas, Bhuiyan, M.D.H., Winch N.M., Smith G.J., Breukers R.D., Raymond S.G., Kay A.J., and Smith T.A. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2014, Volume 9140, (2014)
Trapping reactions of 1,3-bridged cyclopropenes, Halton, B., Diggins M.D., and Kay A.J. , Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1992, Volume 57, Issue 15, p.4080 - 4083, (1992)
Testing computational models of hyperpolarizability in a merocyanine dye using spectroscopic and DFT methods, Reish, M.E., Kay A.J., Teshome A., Asselberghs I., Clays K., and Gordon K.C. , Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2012, Volume 116, Issue 22, p.5453 - 5463, (2012)
Synthesis, structural and nonlinear optical properties of 2-(3-Cyano-4-{5-[1-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-3,3-dimethyl-1,3-dihydro-indol-2-ylidene] -Penta-1,3-dienyl}-5,5-dimethyl-5H-furan-2-ylidene)-malononitrile, Bhuiyan, M.D.H., Gainsford G.J., Kutuvantavida Y., Quilty J.W., Kay A.J., Williams G.V.M., and Waterland M.R. , Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 2011, Volume 548, p.272 - 283, (2011)
Synthesis of a tri chromophore system for electro-optic applications, Bhuiyan, M.D.H., Kay A.J., Gainsford G.J., and Williamson R.M. , Materials Science Forum, 2012, Volume 700, p.162 - 165, (2012)
Synthesis of a new series of 'RHS' chromophores and NLO polymers, Beaudin, A.M.R., Kay A.J., and Woolhouse A.D. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2005, Volume 5971, (2005)
Synthesis, linear & non linear optical (NLO) properties of some indoline based chromophores, Bhuiyan, M.D.H., Ashraf M., Teshome A., Gainsford G.J., Kay A.J., Asselberghs I., and Clays K. , Dyes and Pigments, 2011, Volume 89, Issue 2, p.177 - 187, (2011)
Synthesis, linear and quadratic nonlinear optical properties of ionic indoline and N,N-dimethylaniline based chromophores, Teshome, A., Bhuiyan M.D.H., Gainsford G.J., Ashraf M., Asselberghs I., Williams G.V.M., Kay A.J., and Clays K. , Optical Materials, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 3, p.336 - 345, (2011)
Synthesis, characterization, linear and non-linear optical (NLO) properties of some Schiff's bases, Bhuiyan, M.D.H., Teshome A., Gainsford G.J., Ashraf M., Clays K., Asselberghs I., and Kay A.J. , Optical Materials, 2010, Volume 32, Issue 6, p.669 - 672, (2010)
Synthesis and properties of 2-dicyanomethylenethiazole merocyanines, Clarke, D.J., Kay A.J., Middleton A.P., and Smith G.J. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2012, Volume 8435, (2012)
Synthesis and optical properties of NLO chromophores containing an indoline donor and azo linker, Ashraf, M., Teshome A., Kay A.J., Gainsford G.J., Bhuiyan M.D.H., Asselberghs I., and Clays K. , Dyes and Pigments, 2012, Volume 95, Issue 3, p.455 - 464, (2012)
Synthesis and linear/nonlinear optical properties of a new class of 'RHS' NLO chromophore, Kay, A.J., Woolhouse A.D., Zhao Y., and Clays K. , Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2004, Volume 14, Issue 8, p.1321 - 1330, (2004)
Synthesis and characterization of strongly two photon absorbing and photoswitchable azo molecules, Breukers, R.D., Janssens S., Raymond S.G., Bhuiyan M.D.H., and Kay A.J. , Dyes and Pigments, 2015, Volume 112, p.17 - 23, (2015)
Studies in the cycloproparene series: Oxygen-containing 1H-cyclopropa[b]naphthalenes and their methylidene derivatives, Halton, B., Kay A.J., Zhi-mei Z., Boese R., and Haumann T. , Journal of the Chemical Society - Perkin Transactions 1, 1996, Issue 12, p.1445 - 1452, (1996)
Studies in the cycloproparene series: Oxygen transfer to 1-diphenylmethylidene1H -cyclopropabenzene, Bickers, P.T., Halton B., Kay A.J., and Northcote P.T. , Australian Journal of Chemistry, 1999, Volume 52, Issue 7, p.x5 - 652, (1999)
Studies in the cycloproparene series: Cycloaddition reactions of diarylmethylidenecycloproparenes, Halton, B., Kay A.J., McNichols A.T., Stang P.J., Apeloig Y., Boese R., Maulitz A.H., and Haumann T. , Arkivoc, 2001, Volume 2001, Issue 7, p.8 - 31, (2001)
Studies in the cycloproparene series: Chemistry of 1H-cyclopropa[b]naphthalene-3,6-dione and its transformation into lH-cyclopropa[b]anthracene-3,8-dione, Halton, B., Jones C.S., Kay A.J., Margetic D., and Sretenovic S. , Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1, 2000, Issue 14, p.2205 - 2210, (2000)
Structural and electronic studies of nonlinear optical donor-acceptor compounds, Reish, M.E., Gordon K.C., and Kay A.J. , AIP Conference Proceedings, 2010, Volume 1267, p.685 - 686, (2010)
Strategies for optimising the second-order nonlinear optical response in zwitterionic merocyanine dyes, Teshome, A., Kay A.J., Woolhouse A.D., Clays K., Asselberghs I., and Smith G.J. , Optical Materials, 2009, Volume 31, Issue 4, p.575 - 582, (2009)
Simple zwitterionic merocyanines as potential NLO chromophores, Kay, A.J., Woolhouse A.D., Gainsford G.J., Haskell T.G., Wyss C.P., Giffin S.M., McKinnie I.T., and Barnes T.H. , Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2001, Volume 11, Issue 9, p.2271 - 2281, (2001)
A simple, novel method for the preparation of polymer-tetherable, zwitterionic merocyanine NLO-chromophores, Kay, A.J., Woolhouse A.D., Gainsford G.J., Haskell T.G., Barnes T.H., McKinnie I.T., and Wyss C.P. , Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2001, Volume 11, Issue 4, p.996 - 1002, (2001)
Second-order nonlinear optical properties of zwitterionic chromophores, Teshome, A., Asselberghs I., Clarke D.J., Middleton A.P., Bhuiyan M.D.H., Smith G.J., Kay A.J., and Clays K. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2010, Volume 7722, (2010)


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