Ranjan Acharyya

Ranjan Acharyya

Senior Research Scientist

Applied Technologies

Digital signal processing expert

I work as a Senior Research Scientist in the Applied Technologies Communications Team. My primary goal is to contribute to the economy of New Zealand by continuously learning and exploring new avenues of knowledge. In my role, I specialise in areas such as digital signal processing, mathematical modelling, algorithm development, and machine learning. 

Science has an amazing history and historical figures motivate me. One individual who has profoundly impacted me is Albert Einstein. His genuine passion for knowledge, inquisitive nature and unwavering dedication inspire me to pursue continuous learning and growth.

My PhD in Electrical Engineering is from the Florida Institute of Technology; this set me up for a career contributing to cutting-edge research and development. I try to learn something new every day and thus make a positive contribution to the growth and success of New Zealand's innovation businesses..

Areas of expertise
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Algorithm development
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sensing
  • Algorithm development
  • Signal modelling
  • Feature selection and classification
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology in 2007.
Selected publications
  • Book: A New Approach for Blind Source Separation of Convolutive Sources - Wavelet Based Separation Using Shrinkage Function. Published in 2008.
    Paper: A New Approach for Blind Source Separation of Convolutive Sources, R. Acharyya, F.M. Ham, 2007 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks; 2007, pp. 2075-2080. DOI: 10.1109/IJCNN.2007.4371278.
  • Chapter 3: A Universal Neural Network-Based Infrasound Event Classifier, F.M. Ham, R. Acharyya, in Signal Processing for Remote Sensing, C.H. Chen (ed), 2006, DOI: 10.1201/9781420003130.ch3.
  • Non-invasive foetal heartbeat rate extraction from an underdetermined single signal, R. Acharyya , N. Scott, P.D. Teal., Journal Health. Volume 1, Number 2. September 2009.
  • Infrasound Signal Classification Using Parallel RBF Neural Networks. F.M. Ham, K. Rekab, R. Acharyya and Y-C Lee. International Journal of Signal, Image and Systems Engineering. 1 (3 & 4): 155-167, 2008.
  • Multiple Classification without Model Order Estimation. R. Acharyya, N Scott., OCEANS 2012, May 21 – May 24 2012.
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