Mike Mawdsley

Mike Mawdsley

Senior Fermentation Scientist


Gas fermentation technology expert

I am a Senior Fermentation Scientist specialising in Bioprocess and Fermentation in the Biotechnologies group. I have scale-up experience, having spent 8 years working at a New Zealand founded startup that successfully took a gas fermentation technology from the laboratory to commercial scale (1 L to 500,000 L)

I‘m passionate about leveraging fermentation as a sustainable and efficient method for producing valuable products. By optimising bioreactor conditions, developing robust downstream processes, and formulating specialised media, I work towards unlocking the full potential of fermentation technology.

One of my inspirations in the scientific community is Professor Dr. Rudolf K. Thauer, who continued to conduct cutting-edge research well into his 80s. His dedication and contributions to the field serve reminds me of the importance of lifelong learning to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are at the heart of our approach. I believe in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and working closely with industry partners to translate research findings into real-world applications. Together, we can drive innovation and create impactful solutions.

Areas of expertise
  • Fermentation
  • Anaerobic cultures
  • Bioreactors
  • Downstream processing
  • Media development
  • MSc, Biology, University of Auckland, 2012
Memberships and awards
  • New Zealand Microbiological Society
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