Guzin Kurnaz

Guzin Kurnaz

Wireless Research and Development Engineer, FPGA Designer

Applied Technologies

Drone data transfer in real time

Guzin works in the field of signal processing which includes analysing, modifying and synthesising signals such as sound, images and scientific measurements. She's an expert in field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA). These integrated circuits enable configuration after manufacturing and so are adaptable as projects evolve.

This work focuses on defence applications including satellite communication systems, terrestrial communication systems, friend-foe identification systems and long range intelligent ammunition. Her work enables cryptographically secure and timing-critical data to be sent and received over multipath fading and noisy environments for both Time and Frequency Division Multiple Access communication systems. 

She led the software team responsible for programming the first ever UAV satellite communication system in Turkey. The project enabled satellite communication between aircraft and a land base station.

Her Callaghan Innovation colleagues are both a source of inspiration and also enable her to learn something new every day.

Areas of expertise
  • PhD Electronics Engineering
  • Experienced FPGA Designer
  • Experienced on Signal Processing Projects.
  • PhD Electronics Engineering ,Telecommunications, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 2009.
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