Callum Lambert

Callum Lambert

Research Scientist


Design of complex cultures for commercialisation

I am a Research Scientist specialising in Bioprocessing and Fermentation where my expertise lies in the culture of fastidious microorganisms and pathogens, cloning and microbiome research.

In my recent work, I have been involved in the bioinformatic analysis of microbiome data and the design of complex cultures to produce commercially high-value products. One of my notable achievements was expanding our fastidious culturing capabilities by commissioning an anaerobic chamber. This enabled me to successfully revive multiple fastidious bacterial species.

Few people know that less than 2% of bacteria in the environment can be cultured using traditional lab techniques. By employing sequencing techniques to analyse genetic material in environmental samples, we can unveil a vast array of species that go beyond the routine bacteria enriched using conventional media.

Areas of expertise
  • Isolation, purification and identification of fastidious microorganisms
  • High throughput PCR Testing and robotics
  • Microbial genetic modification and cloning
  • Bioinformatic analysis of microbiome samples
  • Lab scale microbial culturing and optimisation for scale up
  • Masters of Science, Molecular Microbiology, Victoria University of Wellington 2018
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