Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit

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Understand your customers’ needs and develop a winning value proposition with this one-day workshop, designed around the proven ‘Jobs To Be Done’ framework.

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What is Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit?

With the stresses and strains of bringing a product or service to market, it can be easy to lose sight of what your customer actually needs.

As Harvard Business School’s Professor Theodore Levitt famously said “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

The Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit one-day workshop was designed for leaders and managers that want to ensure that their product and value proposition are designed with the customer's needs in mind.

The workshop will help you reframe how you present your offering - from a product or technology-based solution to one that’s customer-centric.

Central to the workshop is the ‘Jobs to be Done’ framework, which provides a unique perspective to market validation. You’ll be introduced to the idea that people ‘hire’ products and services to get a ‘job’ done, and you’ll delve into the emotional and social value of those jobs.

Unlike most other theory-led workshops, you’ll have time set aside to apply what you’re learning to your own business or product. You’ll be with other leaders overcoming similar challenges, so you’ll also get the chance to network and learn from each other

You’ll leave with personalised research plan and list of actions to implement in your business. Plus, you’ll be offered a one-to-one follow-up call with the workshop facilitator to see how you’re getting on and offer additional support.

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What are the benefits of Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit?

Achieve product-market fit, faster
Create a product offering that truly matches your customers’ needs

Enhance Customer satisfaction
Set customers’ expectations correctly so that they get what they want from you

Greater clarity in the team
Refocus your employees with clearer objectives and customer goals

A reusable framework
Apply the framework to future products and services

Reassure investors
Demonstrate a deeper understanding of your customer and their needs.

Online or in-person
Join a local in-person session, or sign-up for an online workshop

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Who is Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit for?

Businesses of all kinds will benefit from the workshop.

Those who will benefit the most are:

  • Mid to senior level, with direct influence on product development, or sales and marketing.
  • Working on bringing a new product to market, or re-launching an ailing one.

The Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit workshop is open to organisations registered in New Zealand.

You must be able to attend a full day session, either in-person or online.

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How does Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit work?

The one-day workshop covers eight key areas, so that you can create your own research plan and list of actions, applicable to your product or business:

The workshops covers eight key areas:

Define customer progress: Understand the progress the customer is trying to make and what metrics they will use to assess success

Describe the customer’s circumstances: Describe the circumstances that provide context to the customer problem and indicate possible triggers for change

Define obstacles: Explore the factors that may hinder customers from progressing towards their goal

Explore alternative pathways: Explore the different ways customers can reach their goal

Create ‘Jobs to be Done’ statements: Capture the circumstance and progress customers are seeking, and develop draft value propositions 

Create market assumptions: Create quantifiable market assumptions and prepare for second-stage market validation

Data sources and methods: Outline potential data sources and methods for collecting customer data 

Qualitative research: Understand how to validate assumptions in your target markets and make practical use of commercial qualitative research

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How much does Customer Insights for Product-Market Fit cost?

$695 per person (ex GST and booking fee)

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How can you sign up?

We run workshops in various locations around New Zealand and also online. If you would like to request a workshop in your region, please get in touch by emailing the team at sandra.baresic@callaghaninnovation.govt.nz.

Updated: 3 July 2023