R&D Tax Incentive

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The R&D Tax Incentive aims to support more businesses in NZ to invest in research and development to help them grow, and to boost NZ’s economy.

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What is the Research & Development Tax Incentive (RDTI) and what are the benefits?

The RDTI offers a tax credit equal to 15% of eligible R&D expenditure. You can use this credit to reduce the amount of income tax you pay.

Investing in R&D can help boost your business – as well as increase the diversity and productivity of New Zealand’s economy!

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Who is the RDTI for?

Most businesses carrying out R&D in New Zealand will be eligible for this tax incentive. Depending on the legal structure of your business, there may be certain conditions you need to meet to be eligible. There are also requirements around where and how you conduct your business, where your R&D is carried out, how much you invest in R&D, and who has ownership rights of your R&D.

Find out more on the RDTI website.

RDTI website

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How can you apply?

Use the quick online quizzes and estimator to find out if you may be eligible and how much you could claim, or read more about:

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Find out more

Our RDTI Customer Engagement Specialists can meet with you one-to-one to answer all your questions about the RDTI. They can also support you with the application process, including reviewing and providing feedback on your draft application. For more information, please contact our

Customer Support team

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Updated: 18 November 2022