R&D grants

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A range of R&D grants to add scale, depth and return to your R&D investment

NOTE: On 3 October 2018, the Government announced the final design of the R&D tax incentive following extensive consultation with the innovation sector and businesses throughout the country. Read more… 

Our R&D grants are structured to meet your business needs - whether you're a young start-up, an established R&D performer, or want to bring students on board to assist in your R&D activities.

When we know what you need, we connect you with the right funding to help your R&D get ahead.

Getting Started Grants

Getting Started Grants

Are you in the early stages of R&D? The Getting Started grant will help take your product, process or service from development to commercialisation.

Read more about Getting Started Grants

Project Grants

Project Grants

Is your business new to, or trying to expand your R&D? A Project Grant can help you take on larger or more challenging R&D.

Read more about Project Grants

Growth Grants

Growth Grants

Is your business an experienced R&D performer? This grant will help you increase your R&D investment.

Read more about Growth Grants

Student Grants

Student Grants

Do you want to increase your business’s R&D capability, or are you a student wanting to develop technical skills in a commercial environment? Student Grants provide solutions for businesses and students.

Read more about Student Grants

Guidelines and FAQs

General information about our R&D Grants, including business eligibility and what information will be made public.

Read more about Guidelines and FAQs

Grant Recipients

Find out which businesses have received Callaghan Innovation R&D Grants.

Read more about Grant Recipients

Updated:3 October 2018

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