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A range of R&D funding to add scale, depth and return to your R&D investment

We are currently experiencing a high level of demand for our R&D Grants, and our processing may take a little longer than usual. Please bear with us as we work to support this demand. 


COVID-19Updates on our services and support for businesses.

Our R&D grants are structured to meet your business needs - whether you're a young start-up, an established R&D performer, or want to bring students on board to assist in your R&D activities.

We are also working closely with MBIE and Inland Revenue on the introduction of the R&D tax incentive, which will further support growth of the knowledge economy in New Zealand.

When we know what you need, we connect you with the right funding to help your R&D get ahead.


Student Grants

Student Grants

Do you want to increase your business’s R&D capability, or are you a student wanting to develop technical skills in a commercial environment? Student Grants provide solutions for businesses and students.

Read more about Student Grants

Getting Started Grants

Getting Started Grants

Are you in the early stages of R&D? The Getting Started grant will help take your product, process or service from development to commercialisation.

Read more about Getting Started Grants

Project Grants

Project Grants 2018-21

Is your business new to, or trying to expand your R&D? Information about the 2018-21 Project Grants

Read more about Project Grants 2018-21

Growth Grants

2021-22 Project Grants

Is your business new to, or trying to expand your R&D? Information about 2021-22 Project Grants

Read more about 2021-22 Project Grants

Growth Grants

Growth Grants

This grant has been replaced by the R&D Tax Incentive and is no longer accepting applications.

Read more about Growth Grants

R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI)

R&D Tax Incentive

The R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI) helps a wide range of businesses to undertake more R&D, which in turn grows New Zealand’s knowledge economy.

Read more about R&D Tax Incentive

R&D Loans Scheme

R&D Loan Scheme

Supporting R&D through COVID-19

Read more about R&D Loan Scheme

Grant guidelines and FAQs

General information about our R&D Grants, including business eligibility and what information will be made public.

Read more about Grant guidelines and FAQs

Grant Recipients

Find out which businesses have received Callaghan Innovation R&D Grants.

Read more about Grant Recipients

Updated:2 December 2020

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