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Senior Research Scientist

Chatu, Senior Research Scientist

"We have a range of services to help your business get innovative ideas to market."

Phil McKinney

Leading Innovation: 7 Laws

Full-day practical workshops with innovation master Phil McKinney

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Callaghan Innovation announces new CEO

Callaghan Innovation has announced the appointment of Vic Crone as its Chief Executive, following a thorough and highly competitive recruitment process.

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Stakeholder Advisory Group reappointments

Science and Innovation Minister Paul Goldsmith has announced the reappointment of Claire Robinson, Brett Hewlett, and Suse Reynolds to the Callaghan Innovation Stakeholder Advisory Group.

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Lightning Lab challenge powering up energy innovation

Innovation Challenge launches nationwide call for innovative electricity and sustainable energy ideas, ventures and products

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One hundred inspired New Zealand entrepreneurs can turn this country around. That’s the challenge for us all.

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I learnt a huge amount, gaining confidence in discovering all the things I was doing well, and also understanding the areas I needed to work on.

Archgola Owner, Andrew Turner

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