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TitleTie-Lines to β′-sialon in the Si-Al-O-N Phase Diagram
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBowden, M.E., White G.V., Barris G.C., and Brown I.W.M.
Series TitleKey Engineering Materials
Number of Pages779 - 782
ISBN10139826 (ISSN)
KeywordsCeramic materials, Composition effects, Lattice constants, Phase diagrams, Sialon, Solid solutions, Thermodynamic stability, Tie lines
AbstractDetermination of β′-sialon compositions in multi-phase specimens reacted at 1715°C has been carried out using careful lattice parameter measurements. When all three of the β′-, O′- and X-phases were present, the β′-sialon composition was found to have a consistent z value of 1.1, but no corresponding tie-point was found for overall compositions below the β′ solid solution. This behaviour, coupled with the lack of a reasonable crystallographic explanation, indicated that the β′ tie-point arises from a thermodynamic stability only in conjunction with the O′- and X- phases. © 1997 Trans Tech Publications.

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