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Trial a collaborative robot in your workplace to see the advantages of automation for yourself

We’re committed to helping manufacturers embrace the digital revolution that is changing the face of manufacturing and industry (often referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’ or the 'Industrial Internet of Things'). Collaborative robots, or “cobots” – robots work alongside humans in a shared workspace – are an important part of this revolution and are poised to disrupt all types and scales of manufacturing.

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How can cobots help your business?

Collaborative robot technology can have a positive impact on productivity, safety and employee satisfaction by assisting with monotonous tasks and freeing up your skilled people so you can be more competitive.

Fast and easy to programme 

Cobots can be programmed by a combination of manually moving the robot arm by hand and using the simple controls on a touchscreen tablet.

Safe to use

Cobots can help you produce a safer workplace. They have been designed to work alongside your employees with no safety guarding (depending on the application). They can also reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries by automating dirty, dull and dangerous tasks.

Flexible redeployment

Multi-axis movement and easy programming mean cobots can be easily adapted to a variety of tasks.

Quick return on investment

Cobots can earn a fast payback – potentially less than 1 year, dependent on application. 

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Find out more about cobots

A range of cobots are commercially available, many of which have local NZ distributors. Online comparison tools give an overview of options:

See how these NZ companies have benefited from implementing cobots in their production lines:

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Trial a cobot

UR5 controls

In order to give you a chance to try a collaborative robot for yourself, Callaghan Innovation offers a free 28-day trial of a Universal Robots UR5. The trial is of most benefit to businesses that are new to robotics and have manufacturing or production tasks that can be performed by a cobot.

Key UR5 cobot arm specifications

  • 5 kg payload
  • Reach radius of up to 850 mm 
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • I/O ports allow integration with other equipment

Additional accessories included with trial cobot

  • Electronic gripper
  • Wrist camera
  • Force/torque sensor

If you want to find out more or request a trial, please contact us

Our Advanced Manufacturing Team will help you determine whether the UR5 cobot is a good fit for your type of manufacturing, and how you could use it in a trial.

If you decide on a trial, you’ll sign a hiring agreement and then one of our team will help you set up the cobot and allow you to test its effectiveness over four weeks.

Updated: 23 August 2022