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Gracefield Innovation Quarter

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The Innovation Quarter in Gracefield, Lower Hutt, is a high-energy environment with world-class, state-of-the-art facilities, workshops, pilot plants, labs and equipment.

The ideal place to set up a high-tech business.

It’s where you’ll work next to Callaghan Innovation’s research and technical specialists, and some of New Zealand’s most innovative people. Some are in small privately-owned enterprises and some are the research and development teams delivering for major national and international companies.

The Innovation Quarter gives resident businesses access to specialist facilities and expertise to help your business fast-track your product development, scale up, deploy and test technology and collaborate.

Updates on the redevelopment of the Gracefield Innovation Quarter (GIQ)

Gracefield Innovation Quarter buildings

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Specialist premises and facilities

Set on a 10 hectare site, the Innovation Quarter has 34,000m2 of laboratories, office space, workshops and pilot labs, including a well-equipped machine shop, rapid prototyping facilities, glassblowing, materials analysis and testing laboratories, a supercritical fluid extraction plant and world class measurement facilities.

Our services are available for short and long term requirements.

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Access to research and development

Our Innovation Quarter gives you access to the best scientific and technical expertise, advice and services, including Victoria University’s Ferrier Research Institute and Robinson Research Institute.

Our technical experts can look under the hood of your business and help you with the right mix of science and technology, research and development, project management and funding.

Gracefield Innovation Quarter exterior

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R&D technical expertise

Our Research and Development Solutions division employs around 200 of New Zealand's leading scientists dedicated to solving tough technical problems through research and development, and innovation. Find out more at our research and development website.

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Support for you and your business

If you require specialist capability or support, the Innovation Quarter can provide it – whether it’s staff to help with technical services, measurement and analysis, or training and support for your own technical staff. You may even be able to execute staff exchanges with Callaghan Innovation.

It’s not just our R&D specialist services you can access through the Innovation Quarter. Being based at Gracefield means your business can easily tap into Callaghan Innovation’s wider service range too.

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Incubation for start-up and early stage businesses

If you’re a start-up technology business, particularly if you are commercialising public sector derived science or technology, you may qualify to join and receive support from the Powerhouse technology incubator, which is also located at the Innovation Quarter.

Gracefield Innovation Quarter exterior 2

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Helping New Zealand businesses build capability

The Innovation Quarter is, or has been, home to:

Powerhouse, Anzode NZ, BDG Synthesis, DieselGas, drikolor®, HTS-110, Kerasi, Matsing NZ, Nuevo Technology, Quest Integrity, Robinson Seismic, Southern Monitoring Services, Capital Environmental Services, Spark Dental Technology, Trinity Bioactives, Assure Quality, Bel-Mahoney, Mesynthes, Phoenix Engineering, Rakon, Times 7, Weltec and Victoria University’s Ferrier Research Institute and Robinson Research Institute.

During our time at Gracefield we made use of several labs to pilot the large scale production of Endoform™ and seconded two scientists from Integrated Bioactive Technologies to assist with research and technical needs.

Brian Ward, CEO - Mesynthes

Updated: 15 September 2021