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TitleSynthesis, properties, and multinuclear NMR (125Te{1H}, 13C{1H}, 1H) studies of di- and polytelluroether ligands
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsHope, E.G., Kemmitt T., and Levason W.
Pagination78 - 83
Date Published1988
ISSN02767333 (ISSN)
AbstractConvenient syntheses for RTeLi (R = Me or Ph) from RLi and tellurium in tetrahydrofuran at low temperatures are described. The RTeLi react readily with organic dihalides X(CH2)nX (X = Cl or Br), the products depending upon the temperature and the carbon chain length (n). Thus at low temperatures CH2Cl2 and Cl(CH2)3Cl produce high yields of RTe(CH2)nTeR (n = 1 or 3), but at room temperature Cl(CH2)nCl (n = 2 or 3) affords R2Te2 and olefin. 1,4-Dihalobutanes give R2Te and Te(CH2)3CH2, while Cl(CH2)5Cl produced mixtures of R2Te, RTe(CH2)5TeR, and Te(CH2)4CH2. Preparations for RTe(CH2)6TeR, MeTe(CH2)10TeMe, and MeC(CH2TeMe)3 are described. PhTeLi and C(CH2Br)4 gave C(CH2TePh)4, but MeTeLi unexpectedly gave CH2CH2C(CH2TeMe)2. The products have been characterized by 1H, 13C{1H}, and 125Te{1H} NMR and mass spectrometry and by the preparation of derivatives. Trends in the 125Te chemical shifts and 1JTe-C, 2JTe-C, and 2JTe-H coupling constants are discussed and compared with the corresponding 77Se data of selenium analogues. © 1988 American Chemical Society.

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