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TitleSynthesis and properties of two o-phenylenebis(telluroether) ligands, o-C6H4(TeR)2 (R = Me, Ph), and of related hybrids, o-C6H4(TeMe)Y (Y = NMe2, PMe2, AsMe2, SbMe2, OMe, SMe, SeMe, Cl)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsKemmitt, T., and Levason W.
Pagination1303 - 1308
Date Published1989
ISSN02767333 (ISSN)
AbstractThe ditelluroether o-C6H4(TeMe)2 was prepared from o-C6H4Br2 and LiTeMe in tetrahydrofuran, and o-C6H4(TePh)2 was obtained similarly from o-C6H4BrI and LiTePh. Syntheses for the ortho-substituted telluroethers o-C6H4(TeMe)Y (Y = NMe2, PMe2, AsMe2, SbMe2, OMe, SMe, SeMe, and Cl) are also reported. The compounds have been characterized by mass spectrometry, by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy (1H, 13C{1H}, 125Te{1H}), and by the preparation of derivatives. The trends in the 125Te NMR chemical shifts are compared, and comparisons are also made with the 77Se NMR chemical shifts in corresponding selenoethers. Convenient syntheses for o-C6H4Cl(SMe) and o-C6H4Cl(SeMe) are reported. © 1989 American Chemical Society.

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