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TitleSimultaneous channel estimation and joint time-frequency domain crosstalk cancellation in multichannel personal audio systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTataria, H., Teal P.D., Poletti M., and Betlehem T.
Conference NameIEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing Proceedings
Date Published2014
KeywordsAcoustic noise, Audio signal processing, Channel estimation, Channel impulse response, Cross-talk cancellation, Crosstalk, Estimation quality, Frequency domain analysis, Maximum length sequences, Multichannel, Pseudo-random noise, Time and frequency domains, Time frequency domain
AbstractIn this paper, we present two important contributions. The first is demonstration of the use of subliminal levels of pseudo-random noise to enhance channel estimation, and the second is a joint time and frequency domain algorithm for multichannel inversion. An adaptive system is presented where the acoustic channel is accurately estimated and utilized. In this implementation, maximum length sequences in the form of pseudo-random noise are superimposed on the source signals to aid the estimation quality of the acoustic channels. Upon estimation, crosstalk cancellation filters are designed using a time and frequency domain technique which uses a window to achieve more efficient and effective cancellation of crosstalk. For a 3×2 crosstalk system, the presented results show the improvement in channel estimation quality when low levels of maximum length sequences are superimposed on the source signals. On average -25dB of crosstalk cancellation is achieved. © 2014 IEEE.

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