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TitleA simple method for monitoring the content of very pine particles in free flowing participate materials
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsFenton, K.A., Tallon S., and Davies C.E.
JournalPowder Handling and Processing
Pagination117 - 121
Date Published1997
ISSN09347348 (ISSN)
AbstractA brief account is given of the development of a prototype of a dedicated instrument for sensing oscillations arising from phenomena associated with the discharge of a free flowing granular material from a small vessel. Exploratory experiments with silica sand have shown that the standard deviation of the mean bulk density of the material contained within the discharging vessel is strongly affected by very small quantities of fines. Removal of material smaller than 34 μm, constituting -0.3 % w/w of the sand, decreased the standard deviation of the density oscillations by 50%. Some data are also reported that suggest that removal of dust smaller than ∼ 8 μm, and less than 0.005 % w/w of the sand, is associated with an increase in the bulk density standard deviation.

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