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Scale-Up New Zealand: Connecting the dots in the innovation ecosystem so we can grow our innovative Kiwi businesses.

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What is Scale-Up NZ?

We know how important it is for businesses to form industry connections, but that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve launched Scale-Up NZ. Created from a model that is hugely successful overseas, Scale-Up NZ makes it faster and easier for ambitious businesses to find and connect with the people, capital and other help they need to innovate and grow, here and offshore. It also creates opportunities for investors, incubators, multinationals and other collaborators to connect with innovative New Zealand businesses.

Tūhura: Find

Scale-Up NZ acts as a gateway to the NZ innovation ecosystem, enabling NZ businesses to connect with each other and the tens of thousands of global visitors to the site every year looking to build business partnerships. The platform provides in-depth information about innovative NZ businesses of all sizes, as well as investors, hubs and multinational corporations. Through crowdsourcing and a team of professional analysts, we provide up-to-date information and insights on a huge range of active companies. Users can then focus their networking on building relevant industry connections, based on their unique business requirements. And, because face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible, Scale-Up NZ enables businesses to form these connections online.

Tūhono: Connect

Users can find key contacts for businesses they’re interested in and ask for facilitated introductions to key people – extending networks and helping create connections that matter. Contact requests will be mediated to ensure their mutual value.

Turuki: Grow

Growth can mean different things. Whether you’re looking to grow your product user base, your technology capability, or your industry contacts, we’re here to facilitate that growth. We’re also here to grow our national economy.

Join now

Visit Scale-Up NZ to begin your search for partners, now.

You can also list your company or entity, if it meets one or more of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Companies – Companies must be innovative, ambitious and local. You might be a Callaghan Innovation customer, someone who invests in R&D, or are seeking capital investment or targeting growth into international markets.
  • Investors – Individuals or business entities that invest in innovative NZ companies.
  • Hubs – Organisations whose primary purpose is to enable the commercial success of innovative NZ companies. You might be an incubator, accelerator, or co-working space.
  • Multinationals – Companies originating abroad, with headquarters abroad, but pursuing R&D through a subsidiary or branch located in NZ.

To be included in Scale-Up NZ, you must be a legitimate, active and registered business or entity, searchable on a register administered and maintained by the NZ Companies Office (including the charitable trust, incorporated society and limited partnerships registers).

To upload your company details, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Scale-Up NZ website
  2. Click on ‘Sign up for free’ to create an account, using either a Google or LinkedIn account
  3. Once you have created your account, click on your profile in the top right corner and then select ‘Add your company’
  4. Follow the instructions to upload information about your organisation.

The Scale-Up NZ team will then review your uploaded content to ensure it meets our data standards, and will contact you if any clarification or changes are needed.

If you have any issues uploading your company information, please contact the Scale-Up NZ team.


Updated: 7 September 2022