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The effect of drilling fluid and temperature on the cement/rock interaction in wells, Silva, J., and Milestone N.B. , Advances in Cement Research, 2016, Volume 28, Issue 3, p.189 - 201, (2016)
Cement/rock interaction in geothermal wells. The effect of silica addition to the cement and the impact of CO2 enriched brine, J. Silva, Conde, and Milestone N.B. , Geothermics, 2018, Volume 73, p.16 - 31, (2018)
Adaptive wave-front correction by means of all-optical feedback interferometry, Shirai, T., Barnes T.H., and Haskell T.G. , Optics Letters, 2000, Volume 25, Issue 11, p.773 - 775, (2000)
Real-time restoration of a blurred image with a liquid-crystal adaptive-optics system based on all-optical feedback interferometry, Shirai, T., Barnes T.H., and Haskell T.G. , Optics Communications, 2001, Volume 188, Issue 5-6, p.275 - 282, (2001)
Characterization and calibration of compact array spectrometers in the ultraviolet spectral region, Shindo, F., Woolliams E., Scott B., and Harris S. , AIP Conference Proceedings, 2013, Volume 1531, p.809 - 812, (2013)
Synchrotron studies for corrosion research, Shaw, P., and Ingham B. , Corrosion and Prevention 2018, 2018, (2018)
Vaporization of molecular titanium coordination compounds a structural-thermochemical approach, Sevast'yanov, D.V., Sevast'yanov V.G., Simonenko E.P., Kemmitt T., Gainsford G.J., and Kuznetsov N.T. , Thermochimica Acta, 2002, Volume 381, Issue 2, p.173 - 180, (2002)
Inverse method for the detection of a foreign object using microwave measurements, Senaratne, G.G., Keam R.B., Sweatman W.L., Wake G.C., and Simpkin R.A. , IET Science, Measurement and Technology, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 2, p.148 - 158, (2009)
Doping dependence of the critical current and irreversibility field in Y1-xCaxBa2Cu3O7-δ, Semwal, A., Strickland N.M., Bubendorfer A., Naqib S.H., Goh S.K., and Williams G.V.M. , Superconductor Science and Technology, 2004, Volume 17, Issue 9, p.S506 - S510, (2004)
Development and construction of MAROON-X, Seifahrt, A., Bean J.L., Stürmer J., Gers L., Grobler D.S., Reed T., and Jones D.J. , Development and construction of MAROON-X, 2016, Volume 9908, (2016)
A sub-Nyquist sampling signal processing sonar receiver, Scott, N.L., Leonard-Taylor M., Singh S., and Richardson D. , Program Book - OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Yeosu: The Living Ocean and Coast - Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities, 2012, (2012)
Diversity gain from a single-port adaptive antenna using switched parasitic elements illustrated with a wire and monopole prototype, Scott, N.L. , IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 1999, Volume 47, Issue 6, p.1066 - 1070, (1999)
SLCR laser material processing for controlled removal of CFRP as the first step in the repair chain, Schulz, O.G., and Saunders P. , International SAMPE Technical Conference, 2012, (2012)
Strain development in nanoporous metallic foils formed by dealloying, Schofield, E.J., Ingham B., Turnbull A., Toney M.F., and Ryan M.P. , Applied Physics Letters, 2008, Volume 92, Issue 4, (2008)
Chromatic bacteria – A broad host-range plasmid and chromosomal insertion toolbox for fluorescent protein expression in bacteria, Schlechter, R.O., Jun H., Bernach M., Oso S., Boyd E., Muñoz-Lintz D.A., Dobson R.C.J., Remus D.M., and Remus-Emsermann M.N.P. , Frontiers in Microbiology, 2018, Volume 9, Issue DEC, (2018)
Tailoring cellular auxetics for wearable applications with multimaterial 3D printing, Saxena, K.K., Calius E.P., and Das R. , ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Proceedings (IMECE), 2016, Volume 9, (2016)
Three Decades of Auxetics Research − Materials with Negative Poisson's Ratio: A Review, Saxena, K.K., Das R., and Calius E.P. , Advanced Engineering Materials, 2016, Volume 18, Issue 11, p.1847 - 1870, (2016)
Isolation and structural characterisation of the major glycolipids from Lactobacillus plantarum, Sauvageau, J., Ryan J., Lagutin K., Sims I.M., Stocker B.L., and Timmer M.S.M. , Carbohydrate Research, 2012, Volume 357, p.151 - 156, (2012)
A Compact Combinatorial Device for Measurement of Nonlinearity of Radiation Detectors, Saunders, P., White D.R., and Edgar H. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2014, Volume 36, Issue 2-3, p.290 - 302, (2014)
Uncertainties in the realization of thermodynamic temperature above the silver point, Saunders, P. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2011, Volume 32, Issue 1-2, p.26 - 44, (2011)
Analysis of the potential accuracy of thermodynamic measurement using the double-wavelength technique, Saunders, P. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2014, Volume 35, Issue 3-4, p.417 - 437, (2014)
Correcting radiation thermometry measurements for the size-of-source effect, Saunders, P. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2011, Volume 32, Issue 7-8, p.1633 - 1654, (2011)
Accurate infrared temperature measurement in reformers, Saunders, P. , Ammonia Plant Safety and Related Facilities, 2005, Volume 46, p.343 - 351, (2005)
Uncertainty propagation through integrated quantities for radiation thermometry, Saunders, P. , Metrologia, 2018, Volume 55, Issue 6, p.863 - 871, (2018)
Propagation of uncertainty due to non-linearity in radiation thermometers, Saunders, P., and White D.R. , International Journal of Thermophysics, 2007, Volume 28, Issue 6, p.2098 - 2110, (2007)


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