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Evolution of the local structure in GaN: O thin films grown by ion-assisted deposition with film thickness, Ariza, M.J., Koo A., Trodahl H.J., Ruck B.J., Bittar A., Jones D.J., Bonnet B., Rozière J., and Moscovici J. , Surface and Interface Analysis, 2005, Volume 37, Issue 3, p.273 - 280, (2005)
Electrical anisotropy in wood, Arnold, W.M., and Andrews M.K. , Annual Report - Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, CEIDP, 2004, p.356 - 359, (2004)
Effect of blending conditions on nano-clay bitumen nanocomposite properties, Bagshaw, S.A., Kemmitt T., Waterland M., and Brooke S. , Road Materials and Pavement Design, 2018, p.1 - 22, (2018)
The effects of cubic stiffness nonlinearity on the attenuation bandwidth of 1d elasto-dynamic metamaterials, Banerjee, A., Calius E.P., and Das R. , ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Proceedings (IMECE), 2016, Volume 13, (2016)
Electronic measurement of the Boltzmann constant with a quantum-voltage-calibrated Johnson noise thermometer, Benz, S., White D.R., Qu J., Rogalla H., and Tew W. , Comptes Rendus Physique, 2009, Volume 10, Issue 9, p.849 - 858, (2009)
An electronic measurement of the Boltzmann constant, Benz, S.P., Pollarolo A., Qu J., Rogalla H., Urano C., Tew W.L., Dresselhaus P.D., and White D.R. , Metrologia, 2011, Volume 48, Issue 3, p.142 - 153, (2011)
Efficient crosstalk canceler design with impulse response shortening filters, Betlehem, T., Teal P.D., and Hioka Y. , ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, 2012, p.393 - 396, (2012)
Enzyme-assisted extraction of fucoxanthin and lipids containing polyunsaturated fatty acids from Undaria pinnatifida using dimethyl ether and ethanol, Billakanti, J.M., Catchpole O.J., Fenton K.A., Mitchell K.A., and Mackenzie A.D. , Process Biochemistry, 2013, Volume 48, Issue 12, p.1999 - 2008, (2013)
Enumeration of colloidal sub-micron particles using tunable resistive pulse sensing, Bogomolny, E., Willmott G.R., Beal J.H.L., and Arnold W.M. , International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2017, Volume 14, Issue 1-6, p.38 - 46, (2017)
Electro-optic tunable Bragg gratings in chromophore doped polymer waveguides, Bogunovic, D., Raymond S.G., Swanson A., and Simpson M.C. , Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2016, Volume 9939, (2016)
Effect of quantum fluctuations on the critical supercurrent through a mesoscopic normal-metal island, Bubanja, V. , Physical Review B, 2018, Volume 97, Issue 22, (2018)
Earth's Field NMR in Antarctica: A Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo NMR Study of Restricted Diffusion in Sea Ice, Callaghan, P.T., Eccles C.D., Haskell T.G., Langhorne P.J., and Seymour J.D. , Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 1998, Volume 133, Issue 1, p.148 - 154, (1998)
The extraction and fractionation of specialty lipids using near critical fluids, Catchpole, O.J., Tallon S.J., Eltringham W.E., Grey J.B., Fenton K.A., Vagi E.M., Vyssotski M.V., MacKenzie A.N., Ryan J., and Zhu Y. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2009, Volume 47, Issue 3, p.591 - 597, (2009)
Extraction of Squalene from Shark Liver Oil in a Packed Column Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Catchpole, O.J., Von Kamp J.-C., and Grey J.B. , Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 1997, Volume 36, Issue 10, p.4318 - 4324, (1997)
Extraction of lipids from a specialist dairy stream, Catchpole, O.J., Tallon S.J., Grey J.B., Fletcher K., and Fletcher A.J. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2008, Volume 45, Issue 3, p.314 - 321, (2008)
Extraction of lipids from fermentation biomass using near-critical dimethylether, Catchpole, O.J., Ryan J., Zhu Y., Fenton K.A., Grey J.B., Vyssotski M., MacKenzie A., Nekrasov E., and Mitchell K. , Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2010, Volume 53, Issue 1-3, p.34 - 41, (2010)
Extraction of lipids from aqueous protein-rich streams using near-critical dimethylether, Catchpole, O.J., Tallon S.J., Grey J.B., Fenton K.A., Fletcher K., and Fletcher A.J. , Chemical Engineering and Technology, 2007, Volume 30, Issue 4, p.501 - 510, (2007)
Extraction of Sage and Coriander Seed Using Near-Critical Carbon Dioxide, Catchpole, O.J., Grey J.B., and Smallfield B.M. , ACS Symposium Series, 1997, Volume 670, p.76 - 89, (1997)
Extraction of chili, black pepper, and ginger with near-critical CO2, propane, and dimethyl ether: Analysis of the extracts by quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance, Catchpole, O.J., Grey J.B., Perry N.B., Burgess E.J., Redmond W.A., and Porter N.G. , Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2003, Volume 51, Issue 17, p.4853 - 4860, (2003)
Evaluation of measurement comparisons using generalized least squares: The role of participants' estimates of systematic error, Clare, J.F., Koo A., and Davies R.B. , Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 2014, Volume 43, Issue 20, p.4297 - 4307, (2014)
Electrical conductivity and permittivity measurements near the percolation transition in a microemulsion: I. Experiment, Clarkson, M.T., and Smedley S.I. , Physical Review A, 1988, Volume 37, Issue 6, p.2070 - 2078, (1988)
Electrical conductivity and permittivity measurements near the percolation transition in a microemulsion. II. Interpretation, Clarkson, M.T. , Physical Review A, 1988, Volume 37, Issue 6, p.2079 - 2090, (1988)
The effect of organic retarders on grout thickening and setting during deep borehole disposal of high-level radioactive waste, Collier, N.C., Milestone N.B., Travis K.P., and Gibb F.G.F. , Progress in Nuclear Energy, 2016, Volume 90, p.19 - 26, (2016)
The effect of sulfate activation on the early age hydration of BFS:PC composite cement, Collier, N.C., Li X., Bai Y., and Milestone N.B. , Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2015, Volume 464, p.128 - 134, (2015)
Excess delay estimation from time-varying mobile radio channel impulse response measurements, Coulson, A.J., and Kakarala R. , IEEE Communications Letters, 1999, Volume 3, Issue 8, p.239 - 241, (1999)


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