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Our scientists and engineers publish papers in a range of academic journals. This database provides you access to a list of their papers.


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Discovery of lipids from B. longum subsp. infantis using whole cell MALDI analysis, Timmer, M.S.M., Sauvageau J., Foster A.J., Ryan J., Lagutin K., Shaw O., Harper J.L., Sims I.M., and Stocker B.L. , Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014, Volume 79, Issue 16, p.7332 - 7341, (2014)
Inhibition and structure of toxoplasma gondii purine nucleoside phosphorylase, Donaldson, T.M., Cassera M.B., Ho M.-C., Zhan C., Merino E.F., Evans G.B., Tyler P.C., Almo S.C., Schramm V.L., and Kim K. , Eukaryotic Cell, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 5, p.572 - 579, (2014)
Invitro fermentation of prebiotic oligosaccharides by Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 and Lactobacillus spp., Sims, I.M., Ryan J.L.J., and Kim S.H. , Anaerobe, 2014, Volume 25, p.11 - 17, (2014)
A new assay for determining ganglioside sialyltransferase activities lactosylceramide-2,3-sialyltransferase (SAT I) and monosialylganglioside-2,3- sialyltransferase (SAT IV), Sun, C.Q., Hubl U., Hoefakker P., Vasudevamurthy M.K., and Johnson K.D. , PLoS ONE, 2014, Volume 9, Issue 4, (2014)
Peroxiredoxin is a versatile self-assembling tecton for protein nanotechnology, Phillips, A.J., Littlejohn J., Yewdall N.A., Zhu T., Valéry C., Pearce F.G., Mitra A.K., Radjainia M., and Gerrard J.A. , Biomacromolecules, 2014, Volume 15, Issue 5, p.1871 - 1881, (2014)
Physical characterization of synthetic phosphatidylinositol dimannosides and analogues in binary systems with phosphatidylcholine, Hubert, M., Larsen D.S., Hayman C.M., Rades T., and Hook S. , Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 3, p.913 - 921, (2014)
RNA-stable-isotope probing shows utilization of carbon from inulin by specific bacterial populations in the rat large bowel, Tannock, G.W., Lawley B., Munro K., Sims I.M., Lee J., Butts C.A., and Roy N. , Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2014, Volume 80, Issue 7, p.2240 - 2247, (2014)

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