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TLC and 31P-NMR analysis of low polarity phospholipids, Vyssotski, M., MacKenzie A., and Scott D. , Lipids, 2009, Volume 44, Issue 4, p.381 - 389, (2009)
Nisinic acid, 24: 6n-3, and other methylene-interrupted very long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, Vyssotski, M. , Lipids: Categories, Biological Functions and Metabolism, Nutrition and Health, 2011, p.199 - 216, (2011)
Fatty acids of chthonomonas calidirosea, of a novel class chthonomonadetes from a recently described phylum Armatimonadetes, Vyssotski, M., Lee K.C.-Y., Lagutin K., Ryan J., Morgan X.C., and Stott M.B. , Lipids, 2011, Volume 46, Issue 12, p.1155 - 1161, (2011)
A novel fatty acid, 12,17-dimethyloctadecanoic acid, from the extremophile Thermogemmatispora sp. (strain T81), Vyssotski, M., Ryan J., Lagutin K., Wong H., Morgan X., and Stott M. , Lipids, 2012, Volume 47, Issue 6, p.601 - 606, (2012)
Efficient Separation and Analysis of Triacylglycerols: Quantitation of β-Palmitate (OPO) in Oils and Infant Formulas, Vyssotski, M., Bloor S.J., Lagutin K., Wong H., and Williams D.B.G. , Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2015, Volume 63, Issue 26, p.5985 - 5992, (2015)
Chemical synthesis and gas chromatographic behaviour of γ-stearidonic (18:4n-6) acid, Vyssotski, M., Lagutin K., MacKenzie A., and Itabashi Y. , JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 2015, Volume 92, Issue 3, p.383 - 391, (2015)
Phospholipids of New Zealand Edible Brown Algae, Vyssotski, M., Lagutin K., MacKenzie A., Mitchell K., and Scott D. , Lipids, 2017, Volume 52, Issue 7, p.629 - 639, (2017)
Simple lipids and hydrocarbons of New Zealand propolis wax, Vyssotski, M., Lagutin K., and Catchpole O. , Journal of Apicultural Research, 2018, Volume 57, Issue 2, p.271 - 277, (2018)

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